Zane Holtz Wife Chelsea Thea Holtz And Four Children

Zane Holtz wife Chelsea Thea Holtz is a model. Zane tied the wedding knot with Chelsea on 28 December 2013.

Born on 18 January 1987, Zane Holtz is an acclaimed model and actor. He is best known as K.O. Kelly in the series Riverdale and Katy Keene.

The actor began his modeling career at the age of 5. After having his first commercial shoot in 1997, he moved to California with his mother and siblings in 1999.

Holtz debuted on TV by playing Dylan Buckley in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. He has starred in Crash, CSI: Miami, Workaholics, and NCIS to name a few.

Zane is famous for his recurring role as K.O. Kelly in Riverdale and Katy Keene. Moreover, he has appeared as a special agent Dale Sawyer in NCIS since 2013.

Zane Holtz Wife Chelsea Thea

Zane Holtz wife Chelsea Thea Pagnini is a mother to four children. Chelsea also owns an online accessory shop inspired by motherhood and sea.

Chelsea is originally from California and studied at Mira Costa High School in Manhattan Beach.

She celebrates her birthday on the 20th of October. The lady receives a sweet birthday wish from her husband on her special day.

In 2020, Zane dedicated an Instagram post to his better half. He wrote that she is the best partner and the glue that holds his family together.

Chelsea Is A Business Owner

Chelsea Thea Holtz owns the Instagram business titled Sea By Chelsea.

She makes impressive jewelry including bracelets and necklaces. Her creations are inspired by motherhood and her love for the sea.

Thea sells the pieces from her social media and often models for them. Moreover, she designs custom and personalized necklaces.

Meet Her Parents

Chelsea admires her parents and often shares about them via social media.

Her father worked as a developer while her mother served as a homemaker. As per an Instagram post, Thea’s mom used to pull her out of high school to take her advice.

The mother-daughter duo chose home decor products jointly while building their family home. That is how she got her passion for cooking and decorations.

Chelsea On Social Media

Chelsea Thea Holtz has three Instagram handles for different purposes.

She sells accessories via her business handle and her passions for cooking and decor from the other. Her personal Instagram account is private and has 364 followers.

Holtz is also active on Facebook as @chelsea.pagnini where she is friends with 468 people.

Zane And Chelsea Relationship Timeline

Zane Holtz and Chelsea Thea Pagnini were high school sweethearts. Zane married Chelsea on 28 December 2013 as per her Facebook.

Zane And Chelsea Are Highschool Sweethearts

Zane and Chelsea first met at their high school, fell in love, and married after dating for several years.

The couple attended Mira Costa High School where they found each other. They went head over heels and began their romantic relationship.

Chelsea and Zane crossed paths after the actor moved to California in 1999.

They Married On 28 December 2013

Zane and Chelsea tied the nuptials on 28 December 2013 after courting for a few years.

They married in a private ceremony attended by their family and friends. Their bond is growing stronger by the end of the day.

Holtz often shares pictures of his gorgeous partner Chelsea on social media.

Zane And Chelsea Share Four Children

Zane shares four wonderful children with his wife Chelsea Thea Pagnini of 9 years.

The couple has two sons and daughters named Ryder, London, Rocky, and Daisy. They had their two children out of wedlock.

Their sons Ryder and Rocky are 17 and 7 years respectively. Likewise, London is 15 years old and their youngest kid, Daisy is just 5 years old.

Zane Holtz girlfriend-turned-wife resides in Austin, Texas along with children.