Zachary Kehayov, Tara Reid’s Husband – 10 Things You Must Know About Him

Tara Reid’s husband, Zachary Kehayov, is the Executive Assistant to the Chief Technical and Innovation Officer of The Coca-Cola Company.

Tara Donna Reid was born on November 8, 1975, in New Jersey, United States of America. She is very popular for starring in movies like American Pie, released in 1999, and American Revolution, released in 2012. She has also acted in the television film named Sharknado and went on to reprise the role in five sequels of it.

Reid was born and raised in New Jersey. She is the daughter of Donna Bennet and Thomas Reid. Both of her parents were teachers and daycare center owners. Her Father had also worked on Wall Street. The actress is mainly of Irish, Scottish, Italian, French, Hungarian, and English Descent.

The actress began her acting at the early age of six, becoming a regular on the game show called child’s play. Moreover, she has appeared in over 100 commercials for corporations, including Jell-O, McDonald’s, Crayola, and Milton Bradley. As a teenager, she starred in Saved By the Bell: The New Class.

The actress has also appeared on the cover of numerous magazines, including CosmoGirl, Rolling Stone, Seventeen, Maxim, Playboy, Stuff, and FHM.

Here, let us know more about the husband of actress Tara Reid.

Quick Facts on Zach Kehayov

Full name Zack Kehayov
Age 35-40
Date of birth 1982-1987
Place of birth Bulgaria
Net worth $20 million
Spouse Tara Reid
Profession Executive Assistant and Innovation Officer

Tara Reid’s Husband Zach Kehayov

Tara Reid is married to Zach Kehayov. He is Bulgarian by origin and is involved in business activities.

Zach Kehayov has been working in The Coca-Cola Company as an Executive Assistant to the Chief Technical and Innovation Officer. He is an experienced team leader with abilities to structure work efforts and manage diverse teams to achieve results.

Zach is an effective leader, valued by his peers, and recognized by his teams for his proven strong problem-solving and communication skills. He also worked as a Financial Analyst Intern and Business Development Assistant in Manna Wealth Management.

Similarly, he also founded Semper Sports, where he played a key role in negotiating and forming joint partnerships between the company and Bulgarian and Italian Manufacturers.

Kehayov has a Bachelor of Arts from Marymount University. He has also served in Strategy and Operations for the Finance Department at Deloitte. He got married to a famous actress in August 2011. The actress officially announced their marriage, stating that she loves being a wife.

The actress looked very happy and was beaming with a smile as they were photographed in their matched dress on the Greek Island of Santorini. They wore stylish shirts and trousers while Tara Reid held a bouquet of flowers.

10 Facts to Know About Zack Kehayov

  1. Zack Kehayov is the husband of the famous American Actress Tara Donna Reid, who is very popular for starring in American Pie.
  2. He is the Executive Assistant to the Chief Technical and Innovation Officer of The Coca-Cola Company.
  3. The estimated net worth of Zack Kehayov is $20 Million, according to He accumulates most of his wealth as a Business person.
  4.  Zack graduated from Marymount University with a Financial Economics, Bachelor of Arts, and Business Administration in 2007. At present, he has more than eight-year tenure in Management Consulting Service.
  5. Kehayov is 35-40 years old as of 2022. He has been involved in the Finance and Business sector since 2003 before he graduated.
  6. He got married to Tara Reid in 2011. The couple was seen enjoying their wedding in Santorini, Greece.
  7. Zack Kehayov is a Bulgarian by Nationality. However, he is based in the United States Of America, Professionally.
  8. The American Pie’s husband worked as the Group Director in Finance, CCNA Controllers Group as a leader in enabling solutions for enterprise performance intelligence. He has got more than 500 plus connections on LinkedIn and 1027 followers.
  9. He has been involved in complex solutions at some of the world’s most recognized brands and enterprises. He is one of the most successful Finance executives in the United States and has a very luxurious lifestyle.
  10. Zack gifted a massive diamond ring to his wife Tara Reid on their engagement day. The actress was seen showing off her precious and expensive gift to admirers and fans through her Twitter account.

Some FAQs

How old is Zach Kehayov?

Zach Kehayov is 35-40 years old as of 2022

What is the net worth of Zach Kehayov?

Zach Kehayov has an estimated net worth of $20 million

Who is Zach Kehayov married to ?

Zach Kehayov is married to the famous American Actress Tara Reid