Yvette Nicole Brown’s Weight Loss Has Shocked Her Fans

Yvette Nicole is a comedian, actress, writer, and host known for being in the NBC sitcom Community.

She also had guest appearances in shows like Drake & Josh, Boston Legal, Chuck, That ’70s Show, Mom and Big Shot, The Office, and many more. She has worked in supporting roles in movies like Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, (500) Days of Summer, Avengers: Endgame, and many more.

She was nominated for her role in A Lady Sketch Show at Primetime Emmy Award in 2021 and even bagged the award.

She has made appearances as the guest co-host on talk shows like The View, The Talk, and The Real.

Yvette Nicole Brown’s Weight Loss Journey

Yvette Nicole Brown has lost tremendous weight. Similarly, she has been open up about her weight loss journey to people.

She has been active in the entertainment industry since 1992 and has been on screen through various tv shows and movies.

In her past career, people have noticed her a lot and seen her acting skills on screen. Brown’s body transformation due to the weight loss on the screen became noticed by people in an instant.

She was not open about it in the initial days but shared about her weight loss through a tweet on Twitter in 2020. She shared that people came up to her to know how she lost such immense weight. But she needed to lose weight because she suffered from Diabetes.

So, she needed to lose weight, and similarly, due to the disease, she was unable to eat anything, which also caused her to shed body weight.

She expressed that she was so sick that she needed to change her lifestyle and shed weight to live. She didn’t lose the body weight for being beautiful but for her health and illness.

American Writer Yvette Nicole Brown’s Workout And Diet Plan

In an interview with vulture, Yvette Nicole Brown shared her workout and diet plan.

She shared that she has a trainer to help her with workouts as she ages. Similarly, she noticed that the little side bends she did were ineffective. She is trying to keep her glucose numbers low as much as possible.

She is doing low-key exercises to maintain her body and is doing them to maintain her health rather than trying to slim her body.

She has been open about her Obesity. She shared that when she was working in the show Community, she was a fluffy woman, and as the seasons went on, she began to gain weight.

She shared that at that period, she was sad and had turned to food for comfort. She was just sad and eat a lot of sugar, due to which she got diabetes. Her change in lifestyle and eating habits was the reason she was able to shed weight and maintain her glucose level.

She shared that prioritizing her mental health was the first step to maintaining her diabetes.

She went to see a therapist as she knew that she was sad and was overeating due to it.

So, talking to a therapist helped her learn about it and change. Similarly, besides her body transformation, she is 51 but has a youthful face.

She shared that her flawless skin is by drinking lots of water and being kind to people. Yvette believes that beauty comes from the inside, so being kind to people does the work. Similarly, she also minds her business more than others.

Another reason for her skin is to get better sleep at night. She has been working actively in the entertainment industry.

Yvette takes on her Body weight loss journey

In the entertainment industry, actresses and influential personalities are seen going through body transformations to achieve the body for their roles to be healthy.

Some actors and actresses are seen losing weight due to their health issues, while some are doing it to maintain their body image in the media. But in the case of Yvette, she has another take on her body weight loss journey.

In her interview with vulture, it was revelead that she didn’t measure her body weight on a scale or clothes she can wear but rather by the level of glucose in her body.

She expressed that she is a simple kid from East Cleveland and has never been the Halle Berry type. She is not trying to be Halle Berry, but she is just trying to lose weight and diabetes. She has been body positive and never hated being chubby. Brown was sick due to diabetes so she needed to get healthy.