Yunus Musah Parents Journey Story Started From Ghana

Midfielder Yunus Musah was born to African parents Amina and Ibrahim. He is representing the United States in the Fifa World Cup.

Musah will be a crucial player in this year’s World Cup for the United States. His team will face Wales for their group-stage game on Monday, November 21, 2022. At the club level, he plays in La Liga with Valencia FC.

The midfielder also had the opportunity to represent Ghana, Italy, and England as a young player. 

Who Are Yunus Musah’s Parents?

Amina and Ibrahim Musah are proud parents of Yunus Musah. They are businessmen.

Musah’s mother, Amina, owns a local shop, Amina & Co, in Castelfranco Veneto, which offers Ghanaian food and cooking essentials. 

As stated in the First Time Finish, his parents’ work frequently prevented them from bringing him to practice or games. However, Musah’s parents taught him the habit of gratitude from an early age and not to envy other people’s success. Thus, growing up, he looked up to Amina and Ibrahim Musah, who had migrated from country to country for a good lifestyle.

Yunus has said about his parents: “They are my biggest role models.”

Ibrahim, the proud father, moved from Ghana at the age of sixteen years old. However, he had trouble getting a job when he first arrived in Italy. 

Knowing Ibrahim wanted to start a family, he returned to Ghana, where he met his future wife before settling in the small northern Italian town of Castelfranco Veneto.

Yunus said about his dad: “It was tough for him. My dad found it really hard to find jobs and accommodation, because of his papers, because of his race, a bunch of things.” 

The footballer has also stated that his parents have taught him to work hard, not just in football but also in life. He has said: “They didn’t care if I became a footballer. They just wanted me to study and be a good kid.”

Yunus Musah’s Parents Are Ghanian

Yunus Musah’s parents, Amina and Ibrahim Musah, are Ghanaian and has African origin. The families speak Hausa, a national language in many West and Central African countries.  

He was raised primarily in Italy and England after being born in New York, United States. Before committing to the American nation in 2021, he played international youth matches for England. 

Before deciding to play for the United States, the young midfielder, who spent some of his formative years at Arsenal, had the opportunity to represent England internationally. He has played more than 30 times for England at the youth level.

Similarly, the midfielder has 19 caps in total for the United States.

Despite representing the American nation, Musahhas said he is deeply attached to his Ghanaian roots. He admires his community and aims to help needy people in the future.

Musah left Arsenal to join Valencia in 2019, first playing for the B team at the Mestalla. When he started a league game against Levante in September 2020, he made history by becoming the first Englishman and the first American to ever play for Valencia.

He also scored for Los Che at the youngest age by a player who is not Spanish. Musah is huge, fit, and strong. Therefore, his athleticism is his finest quality. His African genes from his parents have helped him achieve his endurance. But he also has a terrific feel for the ball and is a master at moving possession up the field.

Meet Yunus Musah’s Siblings

Yunus Musah has an older brother named Abdul Musah. Although his brother has played football, he could not make it to the bigs.

Nevertheless, Abdul has played a massive role in influencing the midfielder to rise in the professional sport. Both brothers were inclined towards football from a very young age.

Yunus frequently accompanied Abdul and his more senior pals. On the field, the friends pressed him. Finally, Abdul recognized Yunus’s potential and understood that football was Yunus’s passion.

The proud brother of Musah has said: “Mainly it was just about trusting that Yunus was mature enough to embark on this adventure.”