Yoruba Movies: How to Download Yoruba Movies Online

Downloading your favourite genre of movies is way better than just streaming it and I’m not about to start arguing this one. We are in Nigeria where streaming is not a very wise option for movie lovers and we’ll rather sacrifice our (one-time) data to download and watch over and over.

If your fav is Yoruba movies, here are five sites that could help you out on your downloading quest. All sites listed are ‘free download sites’ so some cool but paid sites may not make this list. Also keep in mind that wapka sites are the best for free downloads. With that said, here are ten sites to download your Yoruba movies


This site has a very simple blogger user interface and the movies are uploaded to the secure Nollywooddatabase focuses on Nollywood movies with a bias on Yoruba movies but there some other videos which might interest you.



Naija library is a general blog site and their movie download section is absolutely free of charge. Downloads are also very secure and they have a really large collection of Yoruba movies for all the Yoruba movie lovers.



This is more of a wapka or mobile site. So it’s fulfilling its purpose of providing mp3, games, apps and videos. It has a lot of Yoruba movies for downloads. With 723,262 registered users on the site, it’s still one of the safest mobile sites around. It has a section specifically for Yoruba Movies and the download is free.



This list would be very incomplete without NaijaPals on it. The site is old but comes to the rescue of various Nollywood movie lovers, especially those have love for the Yoruba culture and scenery. Downloading on this site is free and you can even recommend your downloads to your ‘Pals’ and share it on your social media platforms if you like.



Naij is a very popular news site but their entertainment section offers more than what most other entertainment sites themselves offer. Their movie download section is bombarded with Nollywood English movies but their Yoruba collection is not that bad either. Naij’s download is also very free.



Another wapka mobile site with a funny looking name but who cares about the name when it gives us the chance to download our favourite Yoruba movies and it allows us do that for free. ProudlyNations looks like a literature site but their movie section is packed and their files are uploaded in the secure so one can sit back and download without fear.



Unity Mobile is a wapka site owned by and its main purpose is offering downloadable contents since they are our semi-torrent sites around here. Lol! Their movie download section is okay with some block bursting youruba movies. In all, Unity Mobile isn’t a bad place to check although downloads can be quite slow.