Why Was La4ss Arrested? Rapper Real Name Antonio Harris Facing Some Serious Charges

Antonio Harris’ nickname La4ss was arrested and charged for stealing a motor vehicle in December 2014. He is a rapper who has recently come up with his new song named Dummy Mission (2021).

La4ss is a well-known musician who has served in the music industry with numerous songs such as Too Much Sauce (2021), Bunk and Junk (2021), SlATT (2021), and Aint Fall Off (2021).

The Rapper, La4ss has already done time in federal prison only at the age of twenty. He has witnessed the people closest to him murdered and was rumored abound that he’s got major.

La4ss who grew up on the “West Side” near Page and Union of the city 51 Skan, enveloped his childhood growing on his raps about drug dealing and violence. As per statistics by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the Academy/ Sherman Park surroundings have compartively higher crime rate than other neighborhoods in the city.

Rapper: Why Was La4ss Arrested?

Earlier, La4ss was imprisoned with charges of stealing a motor vehicle that was later amended to receiving stolen property. His manager, Cunningham pulled him out of St. Louis and took him down to Miami after his bailment.

In July 2015, La4ss was again arrested with charges for the same case. The West Side kept pulling him back with each step forward.

La4ss lost his brother, Montreal ” Fat Rat” Williams, a few months later. The murder of his brother shook him to his core and he returned to St. Louis to see his brother buried.

Again La4ss was in trouble with the law with first-degree robbery and armed criminal action charges. He was alleged to attempt a brandisihing weapon to steal someone’s PlayStation.

For reasons that remain still a mystery, La4ss wasn’t charged for the incident until four months later, when he was about to perform on stage at the Washington Avenue club Lux.

Rapper: Is La4ss Real Name Antonio Harris?

Antonio Harris is the real name of rapper La4ss. However, he is popularly known by his nickname La4ss pronounced “L.A. Fours” or just “L.A.”

As per our research, La4ss doesn’t referred to Los Angeles but rather named Little Antionio. Harris’ nickname is related to one of his friends whose name was Lil A, who killed himself. So, he called himself LA in remembrance of his friend and to keep the name forever alive.

Antonio Harris was raised in a rough upbringing as he grew up in a highly crime-rated city. At a young age, he was exposed to a lot of criminality. As per his Lawyer Andy Sottile’s court statement, he was diagnosed with depression at an early age.

Rapper: Is La4ss Released Or Still In Jail?

After two years of imprisonment, La4ss is released from jail in 2020. Then, he posted a video of him doing the money phone.

Antonio Harris aka La4ss shared some insight on his twenty month federal prison with DJ Smallz. At present, he has released number of hit albums such as Old 4ss, Jugg Talk 2, Ah Ah Ah, Attachments, and Ringin’ Again.

We can find La4ss on Instagram under the username @la4ss with 116k followers and 131 posts thus far.