Why Was Chase Scanlan Arrested? Charges And Update

Why Was Chase Scanlan Arrested? Get to know the lacrosse player parents Age and Wikipedia. 

Chase Scanlan, a lacrosse player at Syracuse University

As per the Onondaga County Police, Chase had a physical interaction with a woman at the campus. It looks like the same incident was the reason behind his suspension but no further details are revealed yet. 

Why was Chase Scanlan arrested? 

Chase Scanlan was arrested by the Onondaga County Police on Friday morning. 

Currently, a lacrosse player at Syracuse University, Scanlan is charged with criminal mischief. It is a charge where the bail can’t be set, so, he will facing court anytime soon. 

As per the Onondaga DA, Chase broke a woman’s phone and had a physical altercation with her. The charge, however, is for the broken phone. It took place on the campus premises on April 17.  

He was suspended from the field after 3 days of the incident. So, it might have something to do with his suspension as well. 

Chase Scanlan Parents And Family

Chase Scanlan’s parents are yet to comment on his status. 

His father, Scott Scanlan has appeared a few times alongside him in an interview. However, we do not have any information about his mother and siblings for the time being. 

Similarly. Chase is currently single and doesn’t have a girlfriend. 

Chase Scanlan: Is he on Wikipedia?

Chase Scanlan is yet to have a Wikipedia biography. 

The Lacrosse player Chase Scanlan Age is around 20 years old. 

But the lacrosse player has been getting a lot of infamous spotlights recently, especially on social media platforms like Reddit and Twitter. 

It had been a few days since his suspension was lifted and the lacrosse attack has been arrested. He was arrested on his way to the Manly Field House for the final game.