Why Is The Aussie Cossack Arrested? Everything On Wife And Real Name Of The YouTuber

Following police intervention, YouTuber Aussie Cossack was arrested at his office. Here, we go over the highlights of the tale in further depth.

Simeon Boikov, a Sydney native, was the Russian-based operation leader in Australian territory known as the Aussie Cossacks.

On October 8, 2021, he was detained after a police raid at his home, searching for illegal formulations in his policy and work habits. As a result, firearms Prohibition Orders (FPO) were issued to Aussie Cossack to prevent him from obtaining illicit weapons.

Why Is The Aussie Cossack Arrested?

After being continually questioned for illegal weapons procurement, Simeon Boikov, also known as ‘Aussie Cossack Leader,’ was arrested on October 8, 2021.

To limit his control, the YouTuber and reformist who pushes for the civil rights hindrance and declining elements behind each national-level policy was home-raid and then spelled FPO.

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The arrest was first reported on YouTube, with his wife recording a video from his office. She claimed that the national corruption was preventing him from receiving everyday assistance.

When Aussie Cossack, the Putin-based Russian member, got into an altercation with one of the searching police officers, it carved a deep chasm.

While news broke that Cossack had been arrested for violating the Health Act, he sought a motive in his detention case.

The police were forced to arrest due to a breach of safety restrictions, but the family insisted that such an arrest would not explain the home raid they had conducted. Instead, the scene appears to be more of a weapon seizure, with a minor overlay of a fictitious health-related explanation.

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Aussie Cossack Wife: Who Is He Married To?

Simeon Boikov, a Cossack from Australia, is married to Ekaterina Biokov.

There isn’t much information about the couple online, but they had a long-term relationship before marrying.

Ekaterina, his wife, was one of the most vocal supporters of his unqualified arrest and unpalatable home raid.

Meet Aussie Cossack On Instagram

Aussie Cossack doesn’t seem to be active on the Instagram platform.

However, Simeon Boikov is an Australian Cossack who is active on Facebook under the same name. He keeps talking about his planned podcast appearances, public hearings, Cossack culture, and the motivation behind the Russian-based operations.

Usually, Aussie writes about putting cameras on corrupt politicians. Cossack’s disdain for the political system is evident in his speeches and the actions he promotes.