Why Did Colin Rea Go To Jail? How Old Was Colin Rea When He Went To Jail?

Colin Rea is a TikToker with more than 600 thousand supporters and 20 million preferences on the video sharing application.

On his page, Colin shares tales about his time in prison, just as addressing fans’ inquiries and reacting to remarks.

Colin’s latest video clarifies that he will explain to fans why he went to prison in the event that they give him one million likes, and fans have gone insane in expectation.

In the event that you need to know why Colin went to prison, at that point look no further as we have all that you have to know. Peruse on to discover more.

How Old Was Colin Rea When He Went To Jail?

Colin Rea told fans that he was 18 years of age when he went to prison, and had “just graduated not so much as a year prior.”

The TikTokker spilled insights regarding his time in jail while on the webcast,

“Logging Off w Ben Houselog.”

He said that subsequent to being in the prison for two hours, he “promptly observed somebody get cut.”

Why Did Colin Rea Go To Jail?

In Colin’s most recent video, he said that he would explain to fans why he went to prison if his video gets one million preferences. Nonetheless, fans immediately saw that the video sound was named ‘It was burglary.”

On the digital recording, Colin enlightened Ben Houselog all the more concerning the theft. He stated: “I was 18, and it was directly before Halloween. I had been getting in a tough situation, however it was increasingyl getting increasingly genuine.

He clarified how he got into thefts, and said it started when him and his companions had no cash. He told Ben:

“We were down and out in light of the fact that we’re all languid and no one needed to work. We had recently viewed the film the town. I resembled man that crap looks simple I could do that. That was the means by which it began, the principal burglary I did.”

Colin said that during his first theft he took $800, and thought: “That was simple for 800 dollars.”

He wound up submitting five thefts in seven days, before someone made a special effort to enlighten the police concerning the burglaries. He got captured on Halloween night of 2011.