Who Was Texas Shooter Salvador Ramos Grandmother? Mass Murder Following The Death Of His Own Guardian

Texas Elementary School shooting death toll rose to 18 children and three adults. Salvador Ramos might have shot his grandmother before going for the massacre. 

Texas mass elementary school shooter Salvador Ramos is suspected of killing his grandmother before he entered a community elementary school and gunned down many.

The 18-year-old resident of Uvalde allegedly fired a gun in Robb Elementary School, killing many innocents. As mentioned on news channels, the death count rose to 18 children and three adults. Thus the communities in Texas are terrified regarding the mass shootings going all around.

Who Was Texas 18-Year-Old Shooter Salvador Ramos Grandmother?

Salvador Ramos was a teenage American citizen who got reported to shoot his grandmother before he went to his neighborhood school and killed 15 people. The 18-year-old who resided in the Uvalde.

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Nevertheless, Governor Abbott stated that his grandmother might have been his first target. She might have been found dead. Thus, Police suspect before he gunned down the elementary school, he killed his grandmom. He added that they still do not know what triggered him to such horrifying action.

Furthermore, details might reveal after the investigation will complete. Additionally, Police will also be able to confirm if the young shooter has killed his grandmother after the forensic reports are on their desk.

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Know More About Salvador Ramos Parents

Salvador Ramos parent’s details are kept confidential as of now. However, his social media was discovered, but he did not share any images on the site. Nevertheless, his parents might also be shocked at what he had done.

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Additionally, the 18-year-old shooter has also died in action, which might have kept them mourning his death and being sorry for the deeds and loss of 15 lives in the mass shootout. Likewise, the parents of 18 kids killed are also in immense grief.

Family Detail About The Texas Shooter Salvador Ramos

People are now trying to learn more about the Texas school shooter Salvador Ramos’s family, as he is reportedly killing one of his loved ones. However, as mentioned by the Governor in a press release, he might have shot his grandmother before he entered Robb Elementary School and killed 15 innocents.

However, similar to his parents, his family details are not revealed. He might have lived with his grandparents, father, mother, and siblings. Unfortunately, we are not sure regarding the details as it is yet to be revealed.