Who Was Moussa Sylla? Cleaning Agent For The National Assembly Died Three Days After Accident

Moussa Sylla died on July 12, 2022, after he suffered an accident while working as a cleaning agent at the National Assembly of France.

His death has raised various questions against the concerned authority regarding the safety of employees. Yal Braun-Pivet, President of the National Assembly, expressed the hope that the investigations launched by the judiciary and carried out by the Labour Inspectorate would allow for shedding light on the facts and said that she would monitor the investigations’ progress seriously.

Moussa Sylla’s Accident And Death

Moussa was an employee at the National Assembly of France who was found unconscious in the basement of the building on July 9, 2022. He was originally from Mauritius and had moved to France in 2003 in search of employment.

He lived with his brother and began working odd jobs to send money home. The fifty-first had been able to work as a cleaning agent for the National Assembly despite being without papers until 2013.

He passed away on July 12, three days after an accident in the National Assembly’s parking lot’s fifth basement due to losing control of a scrubber.

Moussa Sylla’s Death Led To Rising Questions About Employee’s Safety

A modest group gathered at the National Assembly, place Edouard-Herriot, in Paris around 2:30 p.m. Many people, including Moussa’s friends, family, social activists, cleaners from Paris, and CGT members, were present. The absence of definitive explanations for the events that led to the spectacular disaster involving the maintenance worker is something that Moussa Sylla’s family regrets.

The people of France, at the beginning of the rally protested, saying they wanted the investigation results to be made public and that they could be made clear about every investigation finding.

Twitter Tributes To Moussa Sylla After His Death

Moussa’s death has saddened various people, including his well-wishers on various social media platforms who are showering several posts to tribute him after he tragically worked. Many people have criticized the outsourcing that is opted by the French government to accomplish various tasks.

All the people gathered at the protest condemned the institutionalization of subcontracting in public services. The State spends 160 billion euros annually on outsourcing specific functions, according to the stats provided by the public service department. Most in-attendance parliamentarians demanded that all National Assembly employees be internalized.

Moussa Sylla’s Family Details 

He was born on 1970 in an Indian Ocean island nation, Mauritius. He belonged to a low-income family and often suffered financial difficulties while growing up. He came to France in 2003 to live with his half-brother, who also arranged a job for him. He was the father of two grown children. However, as of now, the in-depth details of his family members are unknown to the media.