Mary Yoder Murder cause revealed?

Mary Yoder was admitted to the hospital on July 21, but she expired on July 22 afternoon. Her death was quite unnatural and mysterious which compelled  authorities to investigate her death.

The Police received an anonymous letter that was giving hints about the events that eventually led them to the culprit.

The letter stated that Adam, Yoder’s youngest son, was the reason behind her death.

It also claimed that the bottle of Colchicine was found in his car, under the passenger’s side seat.

Adam was questioned and he told  the police that he had no idea about it as he was visiting his sister in Long Island, New York, on July 15 and only came back after his father informed him about Mary being sick.

But the police searched his car and found the vessel, just like the letter was claimed.

 The authorities found the receipt of purchase of the Colchicine bottle in Adam’s car but it contained the email address of Adam’s on-and-off girlfriend, Kaitlyn Conley.

The detectors also discovered the toxic relationship between Adam and Katlyn.

Adam then mentioned that Kaitlyn accused him of rape in the past and they constantly argued for that. According to Adam, he left her as he suspect her of cheating on him.

Kaitlyn at the beginning claimed she did not kill Mary, but all those pieces of evidence made her admit her crime.

She admitted she bought the Colchicine, using prepaid cards and stated that she did so because she was scared of Adam.

Mary Yoder Wikipedia Revealed

Mary Yoder was born on March 18, 1955, in Buffalo, New York, United States.

Mary Yoder and William were married for thirty- eight years.

They were a happy couple doing their own business of Chiropractic for twenty- eight years.

Mary Yoder Family: Who are her parents?

Mary Yoder is the daughter of Arthur Charles Bakert and Norma Janet Marie Bakert.

She was married to William Yoder and they had three children together- Adam, Tamaryn, and Liana .

Arthur Bakert, Kathleen Richmond, Sarah Bakert, Thomas Bakert, Patricia, Janine King, and Sharon Mills are her siblings.

Mary Yoder Cause of Death Revealed

Mary Yoder believed that she had a stomach bug so she told her husband to take her hospital. She was taken to hospital the next day.

 Even doctors were not sure what was wrong with her.  Though she was under the observations of doctors, her condition kept slipping and she got cardiac arrest multiple times, eventually sometimes dying in the afternoon on July 22.

Her death confused the doctors too as she was a healthy person at the outset. But her autopsy revealed that her organs were in bad shape as if she had just gone through Chemotherapy.

This result suspects the medical examiner considering poisoning and unfortunately, they figured out that she had been poisoned with Colchicine, a drug that is used to treat gout.

 Yoder had a lethal level of Colchicine in her body, so they confirmed that she had ingested it somehow and  it was the cause of her death.