Who Was Jennifer Ynoa?

Jennifer Ynoa was a Brooklyn-based woman who was shot and killed by a lone gunman on January 2, 2022.

She was shot inside the smoke shop along with her dog. After the shootout, Ynoa and her pet dog stumbled outside the store and collapsed on the sidewalk.

Ynoa was revealed to have resided just blocks away from the smoke shop with her lovely family.

Now, the news of her death has shocked her loved ones as well as the residents of the Bedford-Stuyvesant.

She was a mother of 4, sharing the same roof with her boyfriend of 4 years, Carlton Busch, and a pooch. Ynoa was a mother of 2 daughters aged 19 and 14 while her sons are currently 16 and 11.

NYC Woman Jennifer Ynoa Shot To Death With Pitbull

Jennifer Ynoa was shot to death around 9:45 p.m. inside the Salim Smoke shop on DeKalb Avenue.

An unidentified fat-gunman wearing a white hoodie with sky blue jeans opened fire from the doorway which killed the mother of 4 and her dog.

Meanwhile, the police do not believe that she was an intended target of the gunman but a man who was eating a bag of chips was the person who was targeted.

The suspected shooter was caught on camera calmly crossing the road and driving away in his car after the shootout.

She was taken to the Brooklyn Hospital Center and later she was pronounced dead by the officials.

The shooter has not been identified to date.

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Jennifer Ynoa Age And Wiki Details

Jennifer Ynoa was a 36-years-old woman.

Believed to be born in 1985, her DOB is not addressed but she passed away on January 2, 2022.

Ynoa was known to be residing in NYCHA’s Lafayette Garden along with a 46-years-old boyfriend and 4 children.

She was a medical assistant who worked at the BioReference Labs. Ynoa had the experience of working on community rehabilitation as well.

She completed her studies at the Allen School of Health Sciences.