Who played Zoey on Dexter? Who plays Zoey in Dexter Season 4?

Canadian actress and stuntwoman, Christina Cox played the role of  Zoey Kruger in the popular tv series, Dexter. Zoey is a police officer who murdered her husband, daughter, and another person in the show.

Who plays Zoey in Dexter Season 4?

Christina Cox played the role of Zoey for the entire series. She was a villainess who also appeared in the fourth episode of the fourth season dubbed Dex Takes a Holiday. She was very much in love with her police work.

Who is Christina Cox?

Christina Cox is a film and television actress and stuntwoman who has more than 30 movie and television appearances to her credit. She was born in Toronto, Canada, on July 31, 1971. She has two sisters called Melissa Cox and Tracey Cox. She is married to Grant Mattos and has a child called Flynn Mattos. She attended Unionville High School and continued her theatre training at the Ryerson Theatre School.

What are some of the popular movies and tv shows by Christina Cox?

What movies and tv shows is Christina Cox known for? Christina Cox is known for several movies and tv shows. Some of them include;

    • Better Than Chocolate.
    • Blood Ties.
    • Fugitive at 17.
    • Nikki and Nora.
    • The Contractor.
    • F/X: The Series.
  • Deadly Doubles Cross.