Who Killed Garrett Phillips? Update on The Case Explored By Dateline As Nick Hillary Was Proven Not Guilty

Nick Hillary was found not guilty in Garrett Phillips’s murder case. Dateline update 2022 on the 2011 tragedy.  

Nick Hillary, Clarkson University’s soccer coach, got arrested on the murder case of Garrett Phillips, a 12-years-old child. The officers conducted several investigations to find the truth behind the tragedy.

Following Garrett’s death, Hillary got arrested, interrogated, and faced several trials, only to find he was innocent the whole time.

With Nick getting cleared of the accusations, people started to wonder about the real murderer of the innocent child, Garrett. Find more information on the 2011 killings, truth, and guilt here.

Who Killed Garrett Phillips As Nick Hillary Proven Not Guilty? Dateline Update 2022

Garrett Phillips, a 12-years-old child, was killed on 24 October 2011 at his own home. Following his murder, Nick got arrested but was later proven not guilty.

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As per NBC Dateline, Hillary got released from the murder case; with no guilt on the 12-year-old murder. However, there is no news on who killed Garrett?

In 2022, the murder mystery of Phillips is yet to get solved. Moreover, Hillary was proven innocent after finding out the prosecutor fabricated the evidence.

Until 2020, Garrett’s murderer did not get convicted, and the case has remained open. In present days, there are no official news updates available on the Philips tragedy.

Where Is Nick Hillary Today?

There are not many updates on Nick Hillary’s whereabouts on today’s date. After losing his coaching career, he now lives as an outlier.

Regardless, Noth Country Public Radio previously mentioned Hillary pursued his lawsuit and took action against the law enforcement officials who charged him over the 2011 tragedy.

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Also, Hillary claimed that the officers violated civil rights because of being Black. After then, Hillary has not come to light and stays hidden from the public.

Before the arrest, Nick was well-known as a coach and a friendly person in the community.

Who Is Nick Hillary’s Wife? Family Details

Nick Hillary previously had a relationship with Garrett Phillips, a 12-year-old boy and the victim of the 2011 murder. As per Oxygen, Hillary is currently living with his partner, Stacia Lee.

It remains unknown whether Stacia is Nick’s wife or not in the present day. Regardless, he lives with his children in a beautiful family.

Hillary previously mentioned his struggle after facing arrest. Although he was proven not guilty, Nick faces various difficulties in his daily life.