Who Is Zach Justice Dating and What’s His Relationship With Indiana Massara?

Zach Justice and Indiana Massara have a pretty close relationship which makes us wonder if they really are dating.

Zach is a Television personality best known for being the Married at First Sight Season 10 Cast. His marriage with Mindy Shiben failed, but he said that he is thankful for that. After the show, he is back in the dating game.

He is also renowned as a new generational podcaster, social media influencer, and a famous TikToker. The media personality is widely known for his comic and POV videos, which are viral on all social media platforms. Zach is an upcoming star as he has established himself in the industry as a podcaster.

He is known for co-hosting a podcast show named the Dropouts Podcast, along with his friends, Indiana Massara and Jared Bailey. Indiana usually catches everyone’s attention when talking about his friends, being the girl fans wished Zach dated. Zach and Indiana share a great bond and have a different kind of connection. The fans have speculated that their relationship is more than just of friends.

Zach and Indiana have been friends for a long time, as they both belong to the same entertainment fraternity. Indiana is a well-known Australian singer, born and brought up in Perth, Australia. Indiana Marie Ella Massara is better known as Indiana Massara.

She has a huge fan following as she has given some major hit songs and has been in the public eye since the age of 13 as she walked on the Los Angeles Fashion Week runway.

Who Is Zach Justice Dating?

Zach Justice is rumored to be dating his close friend Indiana Massara because of their PDAs. She is a singer, actress, and model.

Indiana and Zach have been friends for a long time, and their PDAs ignited rumors of them being a couple or sparks of a secret relationship. For the past two years, fans have been waiting for the announcement of Zach and Indiana being a couple.

However, all they get is the news about them being great friends and not more than that. They have done different podcasts together, like Dropout Podcast, Definition of Relationship, and many more, strengthening their bond.

Fans love how Zach reacts when he is around Indiana. Everyone can notice the happiness on Zach’s face when he is talking to or teasing the singer. Zach is a notorious man who loves to annoy his best friend, which is why he plays pranks and bullies Indiana. The couple is shipped by many. However, both of them deny or maintain silence whenever this question arises. 

Zach and Indiana are both soul buddies and love showering love on each other in reality and on social media. However, they also expressed feeling like siblings together. According to marriedwiki, Indiana also posted about Zach on her Instagram, saying, “Can’t believe you stuck around this long. You’re my favorite person. To many Disney trips and saving me from making horrible decisions. Love Ya.”

Indiana Massara Relationship and Dating History

Indiana Massara is an actress and model who has been in a relationship with many known celebrities.

Indiana was dating reality star Kio Cyr until they officially ended their relationship in 2020. The audience knows when they broke up, but they are still unaware of when they started their relationship on. 

Indiana was also said to be in a relationship with singer Jay Ulloa, social media influencer Matt Sato, and Blake Gray. However, their relationship didn’t last long, and they broke up soon after some unsettled disputes and different perspectives.

Her name has been joined along with different celebrities and social media stars. However, fans have never shipped her together with any other guy as hard as with Zach.

Zach Justice Siblings: Who Is His Brother?

Talking about his siblings, Zach Justice has only one elder brother. Due to her childish play and close attachment with Indiana some even suggested they might be siblings. But they are not related whatsoever.

Zach was born in Las Vegas, United States of America, and grew up with his elder brother, whose name isn’t revealed.

Zach was born on September 4, 1999, and grew up in a Christian family. He has an elder brother whom he is close with and takes him as one of his inspirations. Unlike Zach, his brother prefers to keep his identity hidden as he wants to maintain his privacy and stay away from the media.