Who Is York Banks Asla? How Old Is Tyra Banks Son?


Tyra Banks’ son is five years old who is the best present of their work. Let’s know about York Banks Asla in detail.

Following his surrogacy’s birth, former America’s Next Top Model contestant announced the arrival of her “miracle baby” on Instagram.

How Old Is Tyra Banks’s Son York Banks Asla?

Tyra Banks Son York Banks Asla is five years old, and he was born in January 2016.

His qualification details are not given on social media or the internet yet. Looking at his picture, he must be in under grade 5.

His father, Erik Asla, has not stated his educational background. However, some claim he graduated from a high school in his home country.

His mother Banks began modeling when she was 15 years old, while still in high school in Los Angeles. L.A. Models signed her after four other modeling agencies rejected her. When she was 16 years old, she switched to Elite Model Management.

Is York Banks Asla Active On Instagram?

York Banks Asla is not active on Instagram as well as any other social media too.

We can find his parents on Instagram. His father’s Instagram account username is @erikasla, and his mother’s Instagram account username is @tyrabanks.

Looking at his parent’s Instagram, our mother is more famous than his son as his mother is one of the actresses.

Meet York Banks Asla’s Parents

York Banks Asla’s father’s name is Erik Asla, and his mother’s name is Tyra Banks.

In 2013, when the supermodel was introduced to Erik Asla, his parents began dating.

Tyra Lynne Banks, better known by her stage name BanX, is a model, businesswoman, producer, actress, and writer from the United States. York is her daughter, and she is her mother.

York Banks Asla’s father Erik Asla’s net worth is believed to be $5 million. His professional career as a photographer provides him with a source of cash.

His mother, Tyra Bank, said, “First is hard. The first is lonely. But first is necessary”.

York Banks Asla’s Height

York Banks Asla’s exact height is not disclosed yet on any social media.

According to his picture posted by his parents, his height seems to be about 4 feet.

His mother Banks has maintained that she does not drink and has never taken any other types of recreational drugs.

His father got a position as a photo assistant for Herb Ritts, a well-known fashion photographer.

Erik, the father of York Banks Asla, has gained more experience and photographed several celebrities, including Emily Ratajkowski, a British model and actress.