Who Is Virginia Qwabe’s Husband Xowla? Singer From Qwabe Twins Duo Got Married

Virginia and Viggy Qwabe are identical twins who founded the South African Afro-pop duo “Qwabe Twins.”

The twin started writing songs and singing in church at an early age, and in the South African province of KwaZulu Natal, the afro-pop group was formed.

They participated in Idols South Africa’s 15th season as a contestant. Afrotaiment Records signed Q Twins to a record deal, and they later released their debut studio album “The Gift of Love,” in 2020.

In the Newest Find category of the 2020 KZN Entertainment Awards, Q Twins were nominated. Their song “Show Me,” which included the Jaziel Brothers, was released on September 18.

They received two wins for Best Female Artist/Group and Best Traditional Collaboration Song at the 15th South African Traditional Music Awards presentation, where they were nominated for Best Traditional House Music Song. Their song “Ziyakhala,” which included Kabza De Small, was released in October 2021.

Virginia Qwabe Husband Xowla

Virginia Qwabe was seen accompanying musician Xowla down the aisle in a video posted on social media.

This has led to rumors that one of the twins is already married. On August 3, 2022, Virginia Qwabe tied the knot as the news of this great singer’s wedding spread via an Instagram image published by the Qwabe Twins’ official Instagram account.

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It is unknown if this was a real wedding or just a scenario for their next song video. Many supporters think it was only made as a publicity gimmick. They just shared a post, causing millions of supporters to become disorganized.

To our surprise, Xowla, who also announced the marriage on social media, says he plans to find a second bride by December. Fans are skeptical that the marriage is real despite all of this. Many people think it was for a video shoot for a song.

Given that both musicians are included in Big Zulu’s most recent love-themed song, this is a possibility. On social media, the rapper has also posted pictures from the wedding.

Qwabe Twins Age, Family & Early Life

The Qwabe twins were born in 1997, hence, they are around 25 years old.

The couple was born to the father, Lawrence Qwabe. He founded The Pure Freedom Christ, which is quite influential there. He was a significant contributor to the Qwabe twins’ beginning songwriting and singing careers at the church her father established.

They have talked about the support and instruction their father, Lawrence Qwabe, had given them beginning when they were young. Currently, information regarding their mother is kept private.

The Qwabe Twins participated in Idols South Africa’s 15th season in 2019. Virginia Qwabe was eliminated after performing “Khona” by Mafikizolo with Uhuru in the Top 5. Viggy withdrew shortly after her sister was eliminated.

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They quickly acquired a record deal with Afrotaiment Records following their elimination from Idols South Africa, and on November 29, 2019, they released their breakout smash single “Hamba” with DJ Tira. The music video for the song received more than 5 million YouTube views and won an award at the 2021 Afrotaiment awards.

Wedding Photos & Married Life

Following the posting of clips from a wedding-themed moment in a music video they’re working on, twin sisters Viggy and Virginia Qwabe set social media users’ surprised.

One of the twins was emotional in the social media video when she saw the other getting ready for her “wedding.” “God is Good,” the caption declared. As a result, fans and followers started to make marriage rumors about one of the Qwabe twins.

Many celebrities, like DJ Tira, Big Zulu, and Somizi, have sent their congratulations. In fact, DJ Tira shared a photo of the “blushing bride” wearing a white gown and veil along with the message, “Congratulations Twin.”

The twins shared footage of Big Zulu a few days ago along with the audio for a song they are writing with the South African rapper. While this is happening, some fans assume that the video is a component of the song’s upcoming music video. Fans praised the Durban-based sisters, and some were eager to learn when the music video would be made available.