Who is Toco dog man? Japanese-native becomes canine after buying $15,000 Collie costume

A Japanese man, nicknamed Toco canine man, has spent more than $15,000 on a Collie ensemble in a bid to show up as a creature. He has expressed that his long lasting fantasy about turning into a canine has now been satisfied.

Toco has his own YouTube channel, where he uses to refresh his supporters about the method involved with transforming into a dog. He has north of 22 recordings of him behaving like a canine – moving on the floor, eating from a bowl, taking a walk, and so on. His channel holds more than 10k supporters and his most famous video has gathered over 2.4 million perspectives.

The man has not uncovered his actual way of life as he is anxious about the possibility that that his companions could alienate him.

Toco canine man has turned into a well known web character after he became a web sensation for burning through a colossal measure of cash on a hyper practical canine suit. He takes on the appearance of a collie and gets down on the ground and carries on with life the manner in which canines would. There isn’t sufficient individual data about the Japanese man named Toco.

Toco has never showed up on camera without his $15,000 (2,000,000 Yen) canine suit. He picked his #1 variety, the collie, and he bought the suit on Zeppet, a Japanese office known for making figures and models for films. It took Zeppet 40 days to make the suit and Toco says that he is as yet adding contacts to consummate it.

He said that he appreciates doing things that canines ordinarily would on the grounds that it causes him to feel like a legitimate pet. What’s more, he referenced that this has forever been a fantasy of his. He said:

Toco canine man’s YouTube account is aflood with recordings of him being a pet canine. He should be visible turning over for paunch rubs, claiming to sit and lift his paws, and strolling on a chain. He has likewise excelled at eating counterfeit canine food, going external utilizing a lift, and dozing on a lounger.

Toco, nonetheless, is distant from everyone else. He referenced that he has expressed nothing to a large portion of his companions as he feared being decided by them. He just wears the suit on ‘extraordinary events.’ He said:

“I seldom tell my companions since I’m apprehensive they will think I’m odd. My loved ones appeared to be exceptionally shocked to learn I turned into a creature.”

Toco canine man is reliably becoming viral for his exhibition as a hyper practical canine. The Japan-based man has drawn in watchers and fans from everywhere the world yet decides to keep his personality stowed away.