Who is the husband of Catriona Gray? Meet Sam Milby

Catriona Gray, the enchanting Filipina beauty queen, has not only captured the hearts of millions with her grace and charisma but has also found her own prince charming in Filipino-American actor Sam Milby. Their love story, filled with private moments, shared values, and public declarations, has become a source of inspiration for fans worldwide.

A Romantic Timeline: From Coffee Cups to “Future Mrs. Milby”

Catriona’s journey to finding love has been a tale of two chapters, with actor Clint Bondad playing a significant role in the first part of her romantic narrative. However, it was not until May 23, 2020, that the world caught wind of a new chapter unfolding in her life—a chapter written with the ink of love and shared dreams.

Sam Milby, a Filipino-American actor and musician, entered Catriona’s life, marking the beginning of a love story that would soon capture the imagination of fans and followers. The couple’s engagement, announced on February 16, 2023, took the world by surprise, accompanied by heartwarming photos of the pair holding coffee cups adorned with the words “Mr. Milby” and “Future Mrs. Milby.”

Their relationship, initially kept private, was revealed to the public on Sam’s birthday in 2020. The actor posted a polaroid shot of the two, expressing that the wait was “worth every second” and declaring it his “most special birthday yet.” Little did the world know that this public declaration was the beginning of a beautiful journey.

From Fan Boy to Fiancé: Sam Milby’s Journey with Catriona

Before Sam Milby became Catriona’s fiancé, he was her fan. Back in 2018, during Catriona’s triumphant win at Miss Universe, Sam took to social media to express his admiration, thanking her for “raising the flag for all Filipinos.” The admiration didn’t stop there; it blossomed into a deeper connection that transcended the screen.

The couple shares not only a love for each other but also a shared faith, attending the same church as Christians. Managed by the same entertainment company, Cornerstone Entertainment Inc., their paths were destined to cross, leading to a connection that surpassed the boundaries of fame and career.

Similarities and Shared Values: A Strong Foundation

Sam and Catriona’s love story is not just built on romance but also on a foundation of shared experiences and values. Both hailing from mixed-race families—Sam as Filipino-American and Catriona as Filipino-Australian—they found common ground in their diverse backgrounds.

Their shared commitment to advocacy, especially for women, children, and the environment, further solidifies their bond. As travel enthusiasts, the couple has created cherished memories exploring new horizons together, with their social media becoming a canvas for capturing these special moments.

Navigating Challenges with Grace: A Love Story Beyond the Spotlight

Every love story faces its share of challenges, and for Catriona and Sam, maintaining privacy amidst public scrutiny has been a priority. In July 2020, Catriona’s ex-boyfriend, Clint Bondad, attempted to intrude on their privacy by sharing direct messages with Sam. In response, Sam, through a tweet, emphasized the importance of maintaining control over their narrative, underscoring their decision to keep their relationship mostly private.

The couple faced another challenge in September 2020 when Catriona filed a libel complaint against an entertainment editor over the publication of allegedly fake topless photos. In this trying time, Sam stood firmly by her side, offering unwavering support and protection.

From Boyfriend to Future Mrs. Milby: A Love that Endures

As their love story unfolded, Catriona Gray and Sam Milby continued to celebrate milestones together. In May 2021, Catriona shared a sweet birthday message for Sam, expressing gratitude for doing life together and professing her love.

After her breakup with Clint Bondad in February 2019, Catriona took a year to focus on her duties as a beauty queen before venturing into a new romantic chapter with Sam. The actor, too, had his share of past relationships, including one with Mari Jasmine before their split in March 2018.

As “Future Mrs. Milby,” Catriona Gray is set to embark on a new adventure—the journey of marriage with Sam Milby. The announcement of their engagement has filled the hearts of fans with joy and excitement, offering congratulations and best wishes for the upcoming union of two souls deeply in love.

In the grand story of love, Catriona Gray and Sam Milby have penned a chapter that resonates with the essence of devotion, shared values, and the enduring power of a love that conquers all. As they step into the realm of marriage, the world eagerly awaits to witness the next beautiful chapters of their love story unfold. Congratulations to the soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. Milby!