Who Is Tessa Caffrey From Boston Celtics? 5 Facts On Vp Of Hospitality

Tessa Caffrey is an experienced sports coordinator and event organizer who works for Boston Celtics. She is a Vp of hospitality for the basketball team.

In October 2019, she was appointed Vice President of Corporate Events & Hospitality at a Boston-based basketball team. Boston Celtics are a professional National Basketball Association (NBA) club that competes in the Eastern Conference Atlantic Division. They are situated in Boston, Massachusetts.

The renowned Boston Celtics have been among the NBA’s most successful and prevailing teams since their establishment in 1946. The Celtics presently hold the record for most victories of any NBA club with 17 national titles. The Boston club is well-known for its recognizable green logo and parquet court surface, and they have dominated the NBA for many years.

Moreover, Caffrey has been with the club since she could remember. She joined the Celtics in 2001 as a marketing Services Coordinator, and with a blink of an eye, more than two decades later, she is now the Vice President of Hospitality.

Quick Facts About Tessa Caffrey

Full Name Tessa Caffrey
Residence Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Profession Experienced and creative event planner
Position Vice President, Corporate Events at Boston Celtics
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Who Is Tessa Caffrey? Wikipedia Facts

Tessa Caffrey is a creative event supervisor who serves as VP of Corporate Events & Hospitality.

She is notorious for her experience and skills in planning and organizing all sports-related events for the Boston Celtics. Caffrey has served as corporate affairs and hospitality vice president since October 2019.

Tessa has a track record of success in the sports business as an accomplished and imaginative event designer. Ithaca College awarded Tessa a bachelor’s degree with a sports management concentration. Besides, her skills include Sponsorship, public relations, event management, sports marketing, event planning, and a few more.

To engage, educate, and amuse its supporters, the Boston Celtics host nearly 100 events annually, all planned, managed, and supervised by Caffrey. They changed to all-virtual events for COVID-19. The Celtics continued treating online guests like VIPs and maintained their well-known brand recognition. It has always been the case that everyone would feel at home in events organized by The Celtics.

5 Facts On VP Of Hospitality Tessa Caffrey

  1. Tessa Caffrey joined the Boston Celtics marketing team from a very early age in 2001, and since then, she has been a loyal servant to the basketball team. After working as a Marketing Services Coordinator in the Great Boston Area for more than two years, she was slowly promoted to the director of corporate partnership activation in the Celtics.
  2. Caffrey was born in Boston, Massachusetts, United States, and was raised by her family there. She currently resides in her family home in Boston. According to her Linkedin profile, the Celtics VP attended Uxbridge High School from 1992 to 1996 and Ithaca College, where she graduated Bachelor in Sports Management.
  3. Strong event professional Tessa Caffrey is not married yet, and thus she does not have a husband. She is enjoying her single life with her family in Boston, Massachusetts and her priority is more on her career as a successful event planner rather than being in a relationship.
  4. She has been with Boston Celtics for more than 20 years. Since being embedded with the club in 2001, all Caffrey knew was hard work and dedication. The hard work paid off as 2019 saw her being promoted to the Vice President of Corporate Events & Hospitality at Boston Celtics. She worked as Senior Director for hospitality and Partnerships Activision before that.
  5. Moreover, the planning and marketing expert is also linked with organizations such as the National Association of Catering and Events. She has been a Greater Boston Hospitality & Tourism Leadership Council member since January 2018.
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