Who Is Terry McAuliffe Wife Dorothy McAuliffe? Take A Look At The Virginia First Family

Terry McAuliffe and his wife Dorothy McAuliffe are well-known figures in politics. Who is their daughter Dori McAuliffe? Let’s find out.

Terry McAuliffe is an American politician. He is recognized as the 72nd governor of Virginia serving from 2014 to 2018.

Democrat McAuliffe won the Democratic primary on June 8, 2021. He is facing Republican Glenn Youngkin in the current general election.

Terry is optimistic about becoming the first Virginia governor since Mills Godwin. He would be the first to serve two non-consecutive terms.

Who Is Terry McAuliffe Wife Dorothy McAuliffe?

Terry McAuliffe’s wife Dorothy McAuliffe is a reputed attorney. She served as the first lady for Virginia during Terry’s reign as a governor.

Dorothy graduated from the Catholic University of America, as mentioned in her Wiki bio.

She is the daughter of Dorothy Swann to Richard and Doris Swann.

In her earlier career, Dorothy worked for the Thompson & Mitchell and Heron Burchette Ruckerett & Rothwell.

Terry McAuliffe and his wife Dorothy McAuliffe share five beautiful children. They have been married since 1988.

Dorothy is seen active on Instagram with the handle name @dorothymcauliffeva. The former first lady has more than 500 followers.

Meet Terry McAuliffe Daughter Dori McAuliffe

Terry McAuliffe’s daughter, Dori McAuliffe works as a Vice President at Bernhard Capital Partners.

She is the eldest of five siblings. According to her LinkedIn, she has a Masters’s degree in Urban Planning.

Based in New York, she previously worked for the Clinton Foundation as a program manager.

His other two daughters are Sally and Marry McAuliffe.

Terry frequently shares about his children on his social media. He is active on Instagram with the username @terrymcauliffe.

More On Terry McAuliffe Family Members

Terry McAuliffe was born and raised in Syracuse in an American family.

He is the son of Mildred Katherine and Jack McAuliffe. His father was a reputed real estate agent and a Democratic politician himself.

His great grandfathers were British actually. Sources suggest that McAuliffe has an Irish origin.

McAuliffe’s son Jack is a US Marine. He attended the United States Naval Academy with a Bachelor of Science in Honors Political Science.

It is reported that his son Jack will be attending Harvard Business School in the Class of 2022.

His other son Peter just graduated in the year 2021. As of now, Terry resides in McLean, Virginia with his other children.

Further, details on the family members are not available on the web.