Who Is Taylor Allen At Cancun? 

Taylor Allen is the long-time boyfriend of the Sativa, who got killed in Mexico. According to her parents, her boyfriend used to be very controlling. 

It appears that Taylor had a history of fourth-degree assault during 2012, as claimed by the article on the web. Sativa’s mother also described Allen as an emotionally abusive person who keeps checking her phone. 

The pair had been in the relationship for three years. During these years, Sativa’s parents sensed something wrong with her boyfriend, Taylor. 

Before the night of the tragic incident, the couple argued. Due to the altercation with Taylor, Sativa even had stitches.  

Taylor Allen – Girlfriend Sativa Transue Beaten To Death

As per daily mail, Taylor got arrested for beating his girlfriend to death. Even before the night of the incident, Sativa messaged her friends about an argument with Taylor and getting stitches. 

After the text, Sativa contacted neither her friends nor her family, which had worried them. The worst nightmare of the parents came true with the death of Sativa. 

Right now, Taylor has got taken into custody for the allegation of femicide. As mentioned by Sativa’s parents, the deceased body looks like she was brutally beaten, which led her to death. 

Even before, Sativa has described Allen as having a dual personality whenever he gets drunk. 

Taylor Allen – Where Is He Today?

31-years-old Taylor is taken into custody in Mexico for the charge of murdering his girlfriend. The officer is further investigating the matter. 

However, Sativa’s mother wants to have another autopsy and launched a page named “Go Fund Me” for the justice of young Sativa.

Moreover, Taylor has got arrested in Mexico, and his released pictures still show him wearing the hotel bathrobe. The police officer of Mexico mentioned taking Allen for two days custody when the body got found. 

However, further steps from the police officer regarding the matter remain unclear at the moment.