Who Is Swindon Town Owner Clem Morfuni? Here Is What We Know About His Professional Life

Is Clem Morfuni featured on the Wikipedia page? Clem Morfuni is an Australian who is the managing director of Axis Plumbing Group. 

Clem Morfuni has been making the rounds on the internet as the new buyer of Swindon Town FC and is rebuilding the club, which has been considered collapsed.

Swindon Town FC is an English football club located in Swindon, Wiltshire. The club is already in EFL League Two, the fourth tier of the English football ranking system.

As the club’s owner, he commenced by choosing manager Ben Garner, firing old staff, and getting new players last month, beginning the season in force.

Who Is Swindon Town Owner Clem Morfuni?

Clem Morfuni, an Australian, is the managing director of Axis Plumbing Group, which was founded in 1994 and now has a global reach with a $200 million overall income.

Fans have hailed him for assuming management of the Swindon Town soccer membership. Earlier to that, he was the owner of Bristol Rovers from December 2019 to November 2020.

Clem previously occupied a minor stake in the membership and worked as a non-executive vice-chairman. He has worked with Rovers examining all internal matters and dealing with clubs.

He then swiftly appointed former Bristol Rovers manager Ben Garner as head coach, and a flood of new players were signed even before the season began.

Clem Morfuni Wikipedia And Net Worth

Wikipedia doesn’t feature Clem Morfuni. However, he was included on several websites like BBC with a huge bio.

Clem Morfuni created an empire as an apprentice plumber from his house in Sydney’s northern suburbs making him the biggest businessman.

He now makes $200 million each year, employs 800 people, and engages in key initiatives such as hotels, hospitals, casinos, and stadiums with some of the world’s largest construction firms.

Clem Morfuni has a total net worth of tens of millions. He has collected huge sums of revenue from the Axis Plumbing group and football club.

His earnings are reflected in his lifestyle. Clem travels to exotic destinations all over the world with the help of his mass income.

Clem Morfuni originates from humble beginnings, having been born and nurtured in Sydney to parents from southern Italy.

He has been a lover of Sydney FC since he was a child, having watched Marconi and APIA Leichhardt in the prior National Soccer League.

Clam’s enthusiasm for the game was solidified when he headed to Germany for the Socceroos’ epic World Championship in 2006.

In the second year, he started his business in England, saw a few League Matches, and realized he had a deep desire to buy a club.

Does He Have A Wife?

Clem Morfuni, the owner of Swindon Town, has successfully kept his personal life confidential. As a result, his wife’s details are a mystery.

Presently, he seemed to be more interested in his career, business expansion, and work-life than in his personal life.