Who Is Sophie Gare? Everything On Ben Elton Wife

The wife of Ben Elton, Sophie Gare, is an accomplished bassist.

In the year 1994, Sophie Gare and Ben Elton married.

The celebrity pair is frequently seen together on numerous occasions and has a special relationship.

Elton was recently seen in ABC’s Luc Longley: One Giant Leap. Here you may learn more about his wife and family.

Who Is Sophie Gare?

Sophie Gare, comedian Ben Elton’s wife, is a musician. She worked as a professional bassist.

In 1987, the pair met in the Melbourne airport. Sophie was on tour with her musical group at the time, and they fell in love at first sight.

Gare used to perform with her sister, Anne, throughout her early musical years. They were members of the Jam Tarts, an all-girl band.

From 1981 until 1991, the musical ensemble was headquartered in Fremantle. Gare’s mother, Kate Gare, also managed the Australian band.

Passion Like a Tango, Moving on Down the Line, Don’t Walk Away, and more great songs are among them.

About Sophie Gare’s Family

Sophie Gare was born into a Western Australian family.

Sophie Gare and Ben Elton, likewise, have three beautiful children. Bert, Fred, and Lottie Elton are their names.

Gare’s father is a well-known architect, and her siblings are also renowned musicians.

Anne is a musician, a chef, a TV personality, and an author. At the same time, Adam, the eldest brother, is a musician who plays in The Nansing Quartet.

The family also has residences in North Fremantle, Western Australia, and East Sussex, England.

Is Sophie Gare On Wikipedia?

Sophie Gare is not registered on the Wikipedia page yet.

On the other hand, the former artist has amassed a slew of good luck throughout her long music career in the 1980s.

In addition, as of 2021, Sophie Gare’s spouse Ben Elton has a net worth of $3 million.

What Is Sophie Gare’s Age?

Sophie Gare is a forties-year-old woman.

Her exact age, however, is unknown to us.

We made an educated guess on her age because she has been married for more than 27 years.