Who Is Sheila Rose Marchiori? Brazilian Pink Truck Driver Taking The Internet By Storm

Sheila Rosana Marchiori rose to fame after her footage of driving her bright-pink Scania lorry gone viral on the Internet. 

Born as Sheila Bellaver, Mrs. Marchiori has been actively operating in the field of agriculture for 20 years till now. She always transports fruits and vegetable items domestically and internationally with the help of her two pink juggernauts.

Who is Brazilian Pink Truck Driver Sheila Rose Marchiori?

Brazilian pink truck driver Sheila Rose Marchiori is actually the owner of Grain Brokerage Moema, an agriculture firm since 2014.

She initially started her career as a saleswoman at Agafarma Pharmacies after obtaining a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree from Machado de Assis Integrated Faculty in 2012.

Furthermore, Sheila worked as a camera assistant for an agriculture and food beverage company, Camera Agroalimentos SA. She then became the administrative assistant at the firm until 2013.

Since then, she has been solo driving her two pink Scania lorries for her business purpose.

What is Sheila Rose Marchiori Age? Know Her Family

Santa Rosa, Rio Grande do Sul native Sheila celebrates her birthday on the 1st of October every year, according to her birthdate, 1983.

As of now, her age is 38 years old, but soon turning 39 on 1st October 2021.

Sheila was born to Mr. and Mrs. Ernita M. Golfetto Mariori of Alecrim, Rio Grande Do Sul. She grew up with her younger sister, Neila Carolina Marchiori, and three cousins, Juliana Costa, Fernanda Marchiori, and Tatiane Fatima Meinertz Rodrigues.

Do you know? Marchiori tied the knot at an early age. Due to her forced marriage, she gave up on her dreams to handle the household chores.

She also became the mother of four children, including twins Vitor and Vinicius (born in 2000), Gabriely (born in 2001), and Bernardo (born in 2017).

Marchiori filed for divorce against her husband, citing irreconcilable differences due to vast age-gap differences. After concluding her marriage legally, she took custody of her four children as a single mother.

How Much is Sheila Rose Marchiori Net Worth?

38-years-old Sheila Rose Marchiori is making good earnings out through her agriculture business. She is mainly transporting the raw for industrial and culinary purposes.

In point of fact, Sheila’s annual salary as a grain broker is around $58.8 Thousand. She currently maintains a whopping net worth of $1 Million. She resides in a luxurious house based in Santa Rosa, Rio Grande do Sul.