Who Is Russian Model Guzel Ganieva? Leon Black Mistress Wiki

Guzel Ganieva is a former Russian model who had a long relationship with billionaire investor Leon black. Let’s find out more about Leon Black’s mistress and her accusations toward the billionaire. 

Ganieva claims forcible sex and the billionaire being a sexual predator. Thus, those claims were made in her amended lawsuit.

To enumerate, the billionaire had admitted that he had a relationship with Ganieva, but it was a mutually inclusive relationship rather than a forced one.

Who is Guzel Ganieva? Leon Black Mistress Wiki

Guzel Ganieva came out on Twitter and broke her silence concerning her sexual harassment by former Apollo Global Management’s CEO and Chairman, Leon Black.

She stated that she met him in 2008 to discuss work. She was ambitious, but Black insisted on a sexual relationship which she had refused his advances.

However, she advocates that she was bullied, manipulated, threatened, and coerced by the CEO and was forced to sign an NDA in 2015.

Likewise, she further explained that she is breaking her silence for him not to have the vigor to continue such behavior with another woman.

Guzel Ganieva Age: Leon Black Refutation

Leon Black seems to have refuted the statements made by the Russian Model that he was in a consensual relationship with Guzel.

Likewise, he had an affair with 38-year-old Guzel Ganieva during his marriage from 2008 to 2015. However, Black admits that he influenced Ganieva to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Consequently, soon after, the Russian Model promptly extorted the billionaire, warning him to expose his affair in public. Thus, he gave her 1 million dollars in loans and offered her 100,000 monthly payments in the coming 15 years to keep her silent.

Guzel Ganieva Net Worth

Guzel Ganieva has not disclosed her net worth, but Len Black stated that he had given her 1 million dollars as loan and 100,000 monthly payments.

Thus, there are chances for Guzel Ganieva to have comfortable wealth through her career in the fashion industry and her monetary gains from Len Black as well.

Meet Guzel Ganieve On Instagram

Indeed, Guzel Ganieve is available on Instagram, and she also seems to be active on Twitter. She had shared her story through Twitter, where she tweeted her message.

Likewise, she seems to post about her vacations, friends, and family. Her uploads and caption are mostly in her native language. Her Instagram handle is @guzelya_ganieva.