Who Is Ross Clayton From The Voice 2023?

Ross Clayton is the Voice contestant who performed in the song “Blue Ain’t Your Color” which was loved by both audience and judges. 

The artist was able to turn all four judges from their seats. He gave a mesmerizing performance. The singer selected Irish singer-songwriter, Niall Horan, to be his coach for his competition in Voice. 

Clayton is a veteran singer who has multiple videos on his Youtube channel. Despite not receiving no attention the country musician has already released an EP titled, “Highway Hallelujah.”

In addition to his country music Clayton also practices farming, he is well known for performing in harvest season in his hometown of Oklahoma. 

The country musician has a raspy and appealing voice that gravitates the attention of the audience toward his performance. 

The judges were clamoring to select the talented musician in their team but Niall was able to appeal to Calyton the best for him to select the 29-year-old singer. 

The artist has a strong country voice and the talent to make it to the top rounds. The guidance of Niall is likely to help the artist to advance in his musical skills ahead. 

Ross Clayton Bio: Age And Birthday

Ross Clayton is a 33 years old family man born on the 5th of October, he is also a farmer and country singer. 

Unfortunately, the birthday of the Voice singer is not available, the singer looks quite mature for his age. The artist was confident on the stage while performing the song as well.

Moreover, he won the judges over with his unique country tang and melodious sound that brought tussle between the judges to select him. 

Even the One Direction singer Niall was able to turn the seat of the Voice judges Chance, Kelly, and Blake in order to covet the country singer for himself. 

Clayton who was struggling for nearly ten years to gain the attention of an audience, was finally able to show his talent to the world. 

The singer shall compete against other artists such as Neil, Sorelle, Holly, Tasha, Michael, D. Smooth, Alex, and NOIVAS selected by the four judges, including Niall. 

Ross Clayton has a positive persona, his family, including his three kids, supported him during his endeavor. He won the hearts of both audiences and judges. 

Ross Clayton Family

Ross Clayton’s family consists of three children and his wife. Ross’s mother is well and alive, she is together with her family. 

Similarly, Ross’ wife Donna also has her sister and father who are quite well and often spend time with her children. Ross’s whole family is quite supportive of his singing career as well. 

Their marital relationship faced some hiccups due to some issues with the singer’s career and Donna’s substance abuse but both of them are quite strong and hungry to win the singing competition.

Hence, Ross and his wife are married for more than a decade they might not have smooth sailing in their marital bond but their support and trust in each other cannot be denied. 

Ross Clayton Wife

Ross Clayton wife name is Ryan Buck Donna. She is a mother, housewife, and yoga enthusiast. 

Donna also ran the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon last year. She is fit and healthy and is quite a fan of yoga. She also competed in Yoga warrior in 2022. 

Donna secured a medal during her participation in the Oklahoma marathon, she also completed the run while defeating multiple participants both inside and outside the state. 

The country singer’s wife had suffered from alcohol addiction but she is already two years sober and is proud of her achievement. She is a strong, athletic, and inspirational mother to her children. 

Ryan and Donna have three children and two dogs who seem to keep her accompanied during her daily chores. Donna is quite creative in nature, she often takes her children to different places around Oklahoma. 

Ross Clayton Children

Ross has three children two daughters and a son. Their eldest daughter’s name is Eleanor, and their youngest son is Theo.

However, neither Ross nor his wife disclosed the information about their second daughter. Clayton’s family is happy, and their children support their father’s and mother’s endeavors. 

The three children of Ross and Donna are below ten years old. They are quite cute, playful, and hearty children who seem to be loved by their parents, grandparents, and aunts. 

Ross’s eldest daughter seems to have developed an interest in music, both parents are helping her explore her options in the field as well. 

Where is Ross Clayton From?

Ross Clayton is from Mcloud, Oklahoma, and is pursuing a career in music. He is a native of Oklahoma and shares the pride of the state as well. 

The 33-year-old singer loves traveling throughout the state during his leisure time. He has traveled to places like Bricktown, Oklahoma City, Erick, and Lake Taneycomo with his family. 

Moreover, the artist’s band “The Ross Clayton Band” has performed in Oklahoma City, Kansas, Texas, and other big cities. The artist’s song Turn Up Again jumped to ten spots and ranked 71 positions in the top 100 country songs in 2017. 

The country musician and proud father often spend time with his children. The songwriter and singer often perform in local clubs and live studios. 

At present, the artist has participated in the singing competition “The Voice” where he performed a country song that appealed to all four judges. 

He has been selected by Niall Horan, thus through the coaching of the former one-direction singer, he is likely to reach the next round as well. 

Furthermore, despite travelling quite a bit, the artist’s heart seems to have set on Oklahoma, the artist often travels to the woods, quarries, and lake of the state to explore his creativity.