Who Is Charlotte Edwardes? Robert Peston New Wife

Charlotte Edwardes is an interviewer and writer for the Telegraph, she won significant awards for covering the Iraq war for investigative reporting. She is also three times award winner of British Press. 

Similarly, Charlotte is a talented and phenomenal personality with crucial accomplishments in her career. Likewise, she is married to Robert Peston. 

Peston had stated that after the death of his wife from lung cancer, he was falling love with Charlotte after the death of his wife and he felt guilty about their relationship. 

Nonetheless, by absolving his guilt he married Charlotte and the two of them seem to have a blissful marital life. 

 What Is Charlotte Edwardes Age? Robert Peston New Wife Wiki

Charlotte Edwardes is a 45-year-old writer who is married to her husband Peston. She has worked with many newspapers including “The Times and The Sunday Times”. Initially, she started her first job at “London Evening Standard” in 2015.  

Charlotte also seems to be a former model, journalist, and writer. She is quite talented in her field as she has multiple awards to back such claims. the 45 years old writer is a British National, born in London. 

Moreover, her worth is estimated to be 455,000 pounds, and her career and savings have enabled her to earn stable wealth through her professional endeavors. 

Robert Peston Married Life And Family

Prior to his marriage to Charlotte, his first wife was Sian Busby who he married in 1998. Busy, however, died due to lung cancer at the age of 51. Thus, Peston seems to be guilty about his relationship with Charlotte after the death of his wife. 

Robert has three step-children from Charlotte’s previous relationship, their two girls are Margot and Audrey, and Charlotte’s son Douglas lives with his father Robert. Robert’s sons Simon and Maximilian Peston. 

Peston seems to be happily married, he had some concerns in health during covid, but he has tested negative after testing positive and is on track with his profession.