Who is Rick Allen? How did Def Leppard drummer lose arm?

Richard John Cyril Allen, an English drummer, is well-known for his work with the popular hard rock group Def Leppard. Allen has been an essential component of Def Leppard since he joined the band in 1978 and has significantly contributed to their success.

Allen was involved in a car accident in 1985 that caused him to lose his left arm. Allen determined to continue playing the drums with Def Leppard in spite of this terrible incident.

He acquired an electronic drum kit manufactured specifically for him and began using custom wire routing by Whirlwind. The band stopped performing live until 1986 when Allen was able to return at the Monsters of Rock event following a tough path to recovery.

Since then, depending on the circumstance, Allen has switched back to employing drum kits that are primarily acoustic. He uses four electronic pedals on his left foot to perform the instruments he used to play with his left arm.

How did Def Leppard’s drummer lose his arm?

Def Leppard only has one arm since he lost his left arm in a car accident in January 1984. Despite having his leg amputated, he continued to perform with the band throughout their most commercially successful phase.

In 1978, Allen, only 15 years old, joined Def Leppard. He overcame losing an arm after the incident and changed his drumming technique to keep playing.