Who Is Rebecca Simic? Mark Wingers Second Wife Recounts Her Story And Life With The Killer Husband

Mark and Rebecca Winger were a truly flawless Midwestern family with four kids. However, a misfortune happened when it was uncovered that Mark was the man behind the homicide of his better half, Donnah.

The case was recently shut, and Mark had started another life by wedding his little girl’s new babysitter, Simic trying to continue on from his awful misfortune.

Years after the fact, in any case, Mark’s perfect veneer was broken by an amazing disclosure from Donnah’s nearby mate, uncovering his horrible mystery.

He was gotten and accused of the homicides of Donnah Winger and Roger Harrington in August 2001. A jury indicted him liable for two charges of first-degree murder following a three-week public preliminary.

ABC 20/20 Tonight: Who Is Rebecca Simic? Rebecca Simic is the second spouse of Mark and the mother of four youngsters, Bailey, Anna, Maggie, and Ben Simic. The family as of late had a meeting in a two-hour “20/20” exceptional on ABC.

They drill down into the ideal spouse and father they accepted they had for quite a long time, as well as their ongoing opinions for Mark.

Jenny Levin and Michelle Hansen, Donnah’s sisters, are additionally consulted in “20/20.” They talked about losing their sister, finding reality with regards to Mark, and how reconnecting with their niece, Bailey.

She was just a child inside the house at the hour of the homicides, and Donah’s sister assisted her with recuperating from the demise of her mom.

Mark takes a stand in opposition to the conditions paving the way to Donnah’s killing in an uncommon prison interview on “20/20,” which likewise incorporates knowledge from top of the line wrongdoing creator Harlan Coben.

Police had concluded that Donnah’s demise in 1995 was a horrendous mishap brought about by a deranged driver who had recently moved her home from the air terminal.

Previous Sangamon County delegate state lawyer Steve Weinhoeft depicted Donnah as “sticking to life.” “She had been smacked in the head multiple times with a mallet.”

As per Weinhoeft, the subsequent casualty, a Caucasian male, had two discharge wounds to the head yet at the same time had a heartbeat when police showed up.

Cox found the man’s wallet and remembered him as Roger Harrington.

Mr. Winger told specialists he was on the treadmill in the storm cellar when he heard an aggravation higher up. Winger continued to explore, first going to the house’s main room, where he found Bailey on the bed, as per Cox.

He then, at that point, heard extra clamors and went to the lounge area, snatching his gun from the end table.

As indicated by Graham, Winger let police know that when he strolled down the passage, he saw Harrington swinging a sledge at his significant other. Winger guaranteed he shot Harrington once, then, at that point, shot him again as he sat up, as indicated by Cox.

Police didn’t begin investigating the case until 1999, over three years after Donnah’s demise. It was after her closest companion DeAnn Schultz approached to say she’d engaged in extramarital relations with Winger before her companion’s homicide.

Schultz told specialists at the time that Winger had made statements like, “It would be less complex for us to be together on the off chance that Donnah just died.” And “Everything you’d need to do is come in and find the body.” Schultz asserted she thought the proclamations were “insane stuff” at that point.

Police then investigated why there were no hints of constrained section into the home. What’s more, why Harrington might have left potential homicide weapons inside his vehicle, for example, a tire iron and a blade.

And on second thought used a mallet having a place with the Wingers that turned out to be on the kitchen table. Harrington’s auto was additionally situated the other way, showing that he didn’t attempt to mask his attendance at the Winger’s home.

“Harrington was not a gatecrasher; rather, Mark tempted him into that home,” the court expressed. Furthermore, following a few different bits of proof against him, he was at last captured and accused of homicide.

Mark Winger’s Second Wife, Rebecca Simic-Wikipedia Bio Rebecca Simic, the second spouse of Mark Winger was 23 years of age and as of late moved on from school when she was recruited by Winger as a caretaker. As per her, she was selected as a live-in caretaker for Winger’s child girl Bailey a couple of months after the killings.

Winger and Simic’s association immediately formed into a friend or family member, and they wedded soon. Simic had proactively developed to adore Bailey as her own girl and had officially taken on her.

She purchased Winger’s anecdote about his most memorable spouse’s awful end, very much like the police.

Simic and Winger had three additional kids together throughout the following four years. Furthermore, they moved to a farmhouse beyond town to oblige their quickly extending family.

She portrayed herself as a young woman with the world in her grasp who wished to serve individuals and work with kids when she originally visited Winger’s home in 1996.

What’s more, that’s what she’d found, albeit not in the manner in which she’d trusted, as a mindful spouse and mother endeavoring to mend a family broke by misfortune.

The authorities continued the examination concerning Donnah Winger and Harrington’s demises after they found new proof, as well as the way that Winger was undermining Donnah.

That new material portrayed the disaster that happened inside the Winger house right then and there in 1995.

She was troubled with another character that was both unwanted and unrecognizable after her better half’s conviction. A single parent of four little youngsters and the spouse of a sentenced killer, encompassed by a local area that she accepted considered her blameworthy by affiliation.

Where Could Rebecca Simic Now be? Following her significant other’s capture, Rebecca Simic, got a separation from Mark Winger and her family migrated away from Springfield to live with Simic’s brother, Steve Simic.

She legitimately changed the names of herself and her kids from Winger to Simic, her original surname.

Notwithstanding moving and changing their family name, Simic found it undeniably more hard to get away from the impurity left by his wrongdoings. She lost her marriage, yet she likewise lost her monetary dependability.

She couldn’t look for gainful employment following seven years as a stay-at-home parent, and her house was in dispossession, so she needed to settle on the hard decision to apply for help.

Simic attempted to keep a feeling of predictability and joy for her youngsters while subtly lamenting.