Who Is Rance Nix? Wikipedia Explored

Rance Nix is an Atlanta, Georgia-based entertainment figure that does everything from television/film/theatre to stand-up comedy, improv, event hosting, and radio DJing for the Ryan Seacrest Foundation.

Rance is now in Toronto, working on the Oprah Winfrey Network film The Kings of Napa. Overall, Rance is a multi-talented artist with a gift for influencing others via his work.

Eventually, he hopes to host his television show to openly explore the culture.

Rance is very aware that he stands out. He also understands that he has something unique to give the world, and he is never hesitant to hit the streets and make his movements.

What Is Rance Nix Age And Height?

 Rance Nix’s exact age is unknown, but we guess he should be around 27ish.

Talking about his height, we guess he should be in the range of 4 feet since he surfer from dwarfism.

Rance was born in Atlanta but has lived in New York City for the past six years.

He’s been pretty active since relocating to the city in the summer of 2015. Rance first came to New York to play Nabo Sensugali in Las Meninas’s drama at the New Brooklyn Theatre.

After the program ended, he was cast as Anansi in Anansi Spider and Baby Frankenstein in the independent film Baby Frankenstein.

Rance also received the Upright Citizens Brigade Diversity Scholarship and finished the level 101 and 201 programs.

Meet Rance Nix On Instagram 

Rance Nix is available on Instagram as @rancenix.

He has about 5000 followers a the moment and 302 posts to his account.

He is very active on Instagram as he posts twice every week to his account.

Rance seems like an amusing person as he looks happy and friendly in every one of his posts.

Most of his posts are pictures of himself, while the remaining are pictures of his upcoming or working projects.