Who is Popbob Twitch? Real Name And Face Revealed

Popbob face reveal is one of the anticipating things for her fans. She has become a trending sensation in YouTube and other online platforms.

Popbob is a Twitch star who is widely famous for streaming online games like 2b2t. The web star started his Twitch career in 2011 and has accumulated many subscribers since then. She is also known as Fecepuncher.

<strong>Meet Her On Instagram</strong>

There are several accounts made on the 2b2t minecraft player name on Instagram and other social media.

But, according to the majority of her fans, her Instagram username is popbob. Approximately 223 followers have followed the anonymous Twitch streamers as of now. She has uploaded over 1300 posts so far.

<strong>Popbob Age And Nationality</strong>

Popbob is predicted to be somewhere around the early 20s.

However, there is no precise fact about her age as there is no accurate information regarding her date of birth. Therefore, we are unknown about her Zodiac sign.

According to different online resources, Popbob is female by her gender. She has not shared any details about his family anywhere.

Despite no confirmed news regarding the Twitch star’s nationality, many sources on YouTube assert that Popbob is American. In fact, her live locations are mostly based in The US.

<strong>Popbob Face Reveal And Real Name</strong>

Popbob has not revealed her real face until now.

So, her fans and subscribers are yet to confirm how she looks. There is no actual estimation of her face and body appearance.

Similarly, there is no shred of evidence regarding Popbob’s real name.The Twitch star has never revealed her actual name anywhere, so her name is yet to be announced.

Popbob is amongst the first players to use the hacks on 2b2t. Despite her destructive tendencies, Popbob seems to enjoy building as well.

The Twitch star’s most known build is her trademark glassdom, although many new players seem to associate very glassdomed with Popbob.