Who Is Paymoneywubby Dad? Reddit Discusses His Parental Ancestry & Family Details

There is a rumor circulating around Twitch streamer, PaymoneyWubby’s fanbase about his dad being in jail. Nobody has any idea why.

PaymoneyWubby is a YouTuber and Twitch streamer from hails from San Diego, California, United States of America. Born in the millennial generation, on July 8, 1995, PaymoneyWubby’s zodiac sign is Cancer.

In 2012, 27-year-old released his first video on Twitch named ‘Make America Great Again’ on July 4th. However, he joined Youtube in June 2016 with “HOW BABIES ARE MADE! – How Do You Do It?” as his first video.

Ever since, the twitch streamer has managed to create quite the following around Twitch and YouTube and rose to fame. PaymoneyWubby is a web culture commentator, who creates content on a random topic.

Is PaymoneyWubby Dad in Jail?

Although there hasn’t been much report and evidence to claim that his dad is actually in jail. PaymoneyWubby’s fan might have been led to this confusion about whether his dad is in jail or just a rumor.

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As in one of his videos, he read the children’s book, ‘My Dad Is In Jail’. Besides, his dad is free as a bird, living his best life in California, the streamer’s birthplace. Twitch streamer once mentioned in his video that his parents fled to his home country to avoid the war.

PaymoneyWubby’s Parental Ancestry & Family Details

The streamer likes to keep his family away from the limelight. He has been very secretive about his parent’s identity and whereabouts. As a result, despite having his dad in a couple of his videos, the 27-year-old Youtuber haven’t disclosed anything about his parents and family, not even their name.

Twitch star has included his dad in his videos, however, he has been tight-lipped when it comes to talking about his dad’s identity. Dennis has quite a mixed ancestral background. He had a darker skin grandmother while his grandmother was from Israel and Jewish.

PaymoneyWubby’s Real Name is Dennis Richardson

The twitch star’s real name is Dennis Richardson, and most of his fans or the media might not him by his real name. Denny goes by PaymoneyWubby on both of his popular social platforms, YouTube and Twitch. His media name is quite popular in the Twitch community.

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Dennis is quite popular on the two biggest social media platforms, Youtube and Twitch with well over 1.1 million loyal subscribers on Youtube and 563k followers on Twitch.

Facts About PaymoneyWubby & His Personal Life

Since 2012, PaymoneyWubby has been banned from Twitch multiple times facing numerous suspensions due to failure to comply with the platform’s rules. However, at one time, while he was in a restaurant live streaming, got banned in the middle of the stream. Dennis had full authorization from the restaurant manager. In 2020, he got banned again as he accidentally showed bum in a live stream.

As mentioned above, the 27-year-old American YouTuber, PaymoneyWubby doesn’t really share much about his personal life. This streamer is most likely single, however, it’s possible he is dating someone in private. Twitch streamer is rumored to be dating his manager Alex. Again, he hasn’t disclosed anything regarding his marital or relationship status.

Let’s not jump to conclusions.