Who Is Olivia Dunne On TikTok? Locker Room Video Goes Viral

Olivia Dunne is a junior at LSU, famous for her locker room videos.

She is ranked first on On3 Sports’ list of female NIL moneymakers, which ranks athletes based on performance, influence, and exposure. She is valued at $2.3 million by the organization, which manages college sports digital media, data, and marketing.

With over two million followers on Instagram, she frequently posts pictures of herself wearing casual clothing, swimsuits, or LSU leotards. Her social media presence and endorsement only increased after the NCAA’s ban on US National Team members exploiting their online fame was lifted.

As of June 2021, college athletes can make money off their reputation and image. She joined the WME Sports talent agency and secured a partnership deal with an activewear company.

She has been selective with her endorsement deals, but according to the New York Post, she has already made more than a million dollars.

Who Is Olivia Dunne On TikTok? Locker Room Video Goes Viral

Olivia Dunne, 20, is a gymnast from Louisiana State University.

She rose to prominence through her locker room video, which went viral on social media. She is a New Jersey native who is now one of the top athletes in collegiate sports.

She began gymnastics at the age of three, and at the age of 18, she earned her first million dollars. The sponsored ads with images of the gymnast flaunting her body make her net worth over $2 million. She recently signed deals with American Eagle Outfitters and, Vuori activewear, Planet Fuel, among others. She is also affiliated with WME Sports, one of the top agencies.

Tara VanDerveer, the head coach of Stanford’s women’s basketball team, and some media outlets found it controversial that Dunne was earning millions from the name, image, and likeness (NIL) sponsorships.

She made her debut at the 2014 American Classic after years of competition. Three years later, she joined the U.S. national gymnastics team.

She took a break from competitive gymnastics in 2020 to compete at Louisiana State University.

Dunne is one of the college sports’ most popular athletes, with the highest number of followers. On Instagram, she has over 2.3 million followers; on TikTok, she has more than 6.3 million.

She increased her social media following by providing an inside glimpse at her fabulous life as an NCAA gymnast. By August 2021, she became the most popular college athlete, with over five million followers across all platforms. She had more than eight million followers as of November 2022.

She simply wants to serve as a role model for young girls, as mentioned in the New York Post.

She wants to lead by example and communicate that we are more than just our sport. That is extremely important to her as she doesn’t put herself under any pressure and doesn’t compare herself to others.

Everything revolves around trying to balance school, social media, and gymnastics for Dunne. They are her utmost priorities in life.

Olivia Dunne Locker Room Videos On Social Media

Olivia Dunne’s locker room photos and videos are making her popular on social media. Recently, she uploaded a series of photos of herself in the LSU locker room without a shirt on, sparking controversies.

She may not have done so for the first time. Her provocative Halloween costume, wild New York partying photos, and memorable birthday party videos are many of them. She shared a video of herself and one of her teammates performing a dance in the team’s locker room on TikTok.

The two were dressed in LSU leotards when their video went viral on Dunne’s TikTok. In just 16 hours, the video has received more than 992.7K views.

VanDerveer, a longtime advocate for women’s rights who was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame, showed concern in her content on social media.

We are fighting for all of the chances to play, compete, and have access to equipment, facilities, coaches, and everything else that comes with Olympic-caliber athletics.

10 Fast Facts About Olivia Dunne

Some facts about the college athlete Olivia Dunne are listed below;

  1. Olivia Dunne is currently a junior at Louisiana State University, where she is a gymnast.
  2. She turned 20 on October 2, 2022.
  3. She has 2.3 million followers on Instagram and 6.3 million followers on TikTok.
  4. The WME agency manages Dunne for her sponsorships and endorsement deals.
  5. She makes seven figures from her NIL deals.
  6. Olivia reportedly earns around $2 million in sponsorships from brands like Vuori, American Eagle, and Planet Fuel.
  7. She began gymnastics when he was three years old.
  8. At the 2014 American Classic, she debuted at the elite level.
  9. The New York Times published an article on Olivia where the news outlet accused Dunne’s social media posts and the brand deals of harming women’s sports.