Who Is Olena Halushka? Everything To Know About The Ukraine Head Of International Relations

Olena Halushka is a Ukrainian activist who is presently stationed in Poland, campaigning for Ukraine’s air and missile defense. This is her narrative.

Olena Halushka is a member of the Anti-Corruption Action Center’s board of directors in Ukraine. Her work has appeared in publications such as The Washington Post, the Atlantic, Foreign Policy, EUobserver, and the Kyiv Post.

Before this new phase of the war, she worked for the Anticorruption Action Center, an NGO that opposes corruption and strives to improve democracy and the rule of law in Ukraine.

Olena Halushka Net Worth 2022 Update

Olena Halushka is getting a salary of $700,000 from several NGOs and the Anticorruption Action Center in 2022.

Olena was paid $570,500 per year in 2021. He must have between $3 million and $5 million based on his resume and achievements as a Ukrainian activist. She does not, however, provide the exact sum.

Olena, currently working from safety in Poland, stated that she was in Ukraine as Russia expanded its invasion. Because the original charge began in 2014, it is critical to employ it again.

Olena has also received financing from several countries and organizations to help her fight Russia’s war, which is increasing her net worth due to the excellent work she is doing for Ukraine.

Details About Olena Halushka Family

Olena Halushka’s family and coworkers remain in Ukraine, with many in Kyiv, the core of the Russian invasion. And this is one of the most powerful motivators for me to do even more to ensure Ukraine’s triumph.

Many branded me a delusional warmonger when she sent this tweet more than a month ago, claiming that Putin would never do such a thing. Please believe her: if Putin is not deposed, this will be the case in Western cities and towns. Sooner than one may anticipate.

She is a Ukrainian activist presently stationed in Poland, where she is campaigning for Ukraine’s air and missile defense.

However, we don’t know the name of her family and the exact members who are in her family. Olena keeps her personal life private, so we are in a dilemma to know more about her family.

Meet Olena Halushka On Twitter

Olena Halushka is active on Twitter. She has 46.6k Twitter followers and has linked her other social media accounts.

Her username for all of her virtual entertainment accounts is @OlenaHalushka. We have no means of knowing if this is her actual name as a result. Furthermore, the online activist has failed to share any information regarding her encounter.

She uses Instagram to share photos and videos from her Tiktok account. She refuses to use social media to share information about her family or friends.