Who Is New Mommyof3 On TikTok? 10 Facts You Didn’t Know About

New Mommyof3 is a TikTok star who is the mother of six of her kids.

In her Tiktok video, she shares about her kids and her life. The tiktok star is also active on Youtube. Her Youtube channel is called Mommyof3xo.

She is active on both platforms and keeps her viewers and subscribers entertained with her videos.

Who Is New Mommyof3 On TikTok?

New Mommyof3 is a mother of six of her kids and is also a TikTok star.

She has been uploading videos on her Tiktok account, shorty0520. In the videos she uploads, she does a duet with other TikTok or uses filters on herself and her children.

She has been sharing about her life and children in her Tiktok videos. In Tiktok, she has about 1577 followers and has accumulated about 3889 likes.

She is seen uploading videos on tiktok every week.

New Mommyof3 on YouTube

New Mommyof3 is also active on the Youtube platform.

She is active on Youtube as Mommyof3xo and has about 449k subscribers. The Tiktok star started her Youtube journey on April 10, 2015. Her Youtube channel has garnered approximately 144,935,845 views.

She is seen unboxing stuff or going to shopping hauls with her children on her Youtube channel. She also shares silly videos, holidays, birthdays, vacations, routines, celebrations, random vlogs, family events, and many more.

The most popular video on her channel is Shattered on her iPhone! Shopping for New iPhones! It was uploaded on April 6, 2018, as it has about 4.4 million views.

Some of the popular videos on her channel are:

  • Getting Our Nails Done at the WORST-RATED Nail Salon in Our CITY!: 3 million views
  • Squishes at Justice! | Justice Vlog: 2.4 million views
  • Getting My NAILS Done at the BEST RATED Nail Salon in Our CITY!: 2.4 million views
  • $1 Scented slow-rising real squishes at dollar tree!: 2.4 million views
  • Mya Gets Her NOSE PIERCED!(at 14 years old): 2 million views

She gets about a million to a hundred thousand views on her Youtube channel.

She is seen mostly unboxing apple products. On her Youtube channel, her daughter is also seen doing unboxing videos. The tiktok star was seen shopping with her teenage daughter in Forever 21 in one of her Youtube videos.

In the latest video, she was unboxing an HBADA E3 Ergonomic Chair. Similarly, she is also doing a FREE iPhone 14 + giveaway through her latest video.

Her latest video has about 1k views, which was uploaded on November 18.

What Is The Real Name Of New Mommyof3?

New MomNew Mommyof3 doesn’t seem to have shared her name in her social media accounts yet.

The name Mommyof3 knows her. As her name states, she is the mother of three kids, but according to her Youtube description, she has six kids, and her eldest is 17 years old. In her latest video, she introduced three of her kids, their names are Berni, Nina, and Isaiah.

She was seen trying the motion sickness glasses with her kids in the video. She shared that three of her kids are prone to motion sickness in the car. After wearing the glasses and going on the drive, she asked her son Berni to review them, and he shared that it was good.

She asked if he was feeling sick in the tummy, and Berne replied he didn’t feel anything. Bernie rated the product 10 out of 10.

New Mommyof3 doesn’t seem to have an Instagram account. She is active on social media platforms like Tiktok and Youtube.

Facts About New Mommyof3

  • New Mommyof3 also has a Youtube channel called Mommyof3Xo
  • New Mommyof3 is a mother of not three but six kids.
  • She is active on her social media handles, Youtube and Tiktok.
  • She does unboxing, shopping hauls, and vlogs on her Youtube channel.