Who Is Martyn Ford? Where Is He From And How Much Is He Worth?

Everyone loves a good motivational story and Martyn Ford is definitely a guy with one. He is also known as “The Beast,” “Hulk,” and “Nightmare” and he is a famous British bodybuilder, fitness trainer, social media sensation, actor, and business owner. You may have come across this iconic man in movies such as Kingsman; The Golden Circle, Final Score, Kill Ben Lyk, Robinhood, The Redcon 1, and Accident Man. Although Martyn is known primarily for his heavy build, he is also known as the ambitious man who was diagnosed with an infectious disease and turned his sadness and depression into something beautiful. When life gave him lemons, he made some tasty lemonade!

Who Is Martyn Ford and Where Is He From?

Martyn Ford was born on the 26th of May, 1982 in Minworth, Birmingham, United Kingdom. He was born as an only child to his parents and spent his childhood engaging in numerous sports in the United Kingdom. He holds a British Nationality and Caucasian ethnicity. He is a practicing Christian. Martyn Ford graduated from high school in the United Kingdom and did not proceed to college. He is one of those that have undoubtedly proven that you can be successful even without a college degree!

At a very young age, Martyn Ford had always dreamt of becoming a successful cricket player who would represent his country internationally. He spent a lot of time practicing the sport and at some point, in his teenage years, he played country cricket for the Warwickshire cricket team as the right-hand fast bowler. He continued to practice hard and one day during his training session he sustained a severe injury that would eventually rewrite his entire story.

Martyn Ford was diagnosed with glandular disease also known as Mononucleosis or the kissing disease. This is an infectious disease that is caused by the Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV), which is a part of the herpes virus family. Some of the symptoms of this disease include fever, fatigue, sore throat, swollen lymph nodes, sore muscles and even loss of appetite. As a result of this disease, he lost one year of his cricketing career as he spent the time healing from the disease. This disease made him weak and unable to play cricket hence he could no longer fulfill his childhood dreams of becoming a professional cricket player.

Like any normal person, Martyn Ford became sad and even depressed over this realization but would later report that he put all his sadness and frustration into building his body to its giant features. His story is definitely one that inspires other athletes. Being an entrepreneur, Martyn owns and runs his own gym in England where he trains people to achieve their fitness goals. He also owns a nutrition and sports apparel brand called Ignite Nutrition which focuses on the production and sales of health supplements and comfortable sports outfit.

Martyn Ford’s Personal Life

This phenomenal bodybuilder is officially off the market and in fact, has been for a while. He is married to his longtime sweetheart Sacha Stacey. The two love birds got married in a very private ceremony in Birmingham. Their union has been blessed with two lovely children. The eldest daughter is named Imogen and was born in 2012. The younger daughter is named Winter and was born in 2017. Sacha is reportedly seven years younger than her husband although that has not affected their relationship in any way.

Martyn Ford is also very active on social media and with time, has amassed a large fan base. On his official Instagram account, he has about 1.4 million followers and he consistently posts fitness-inspired pictures and quotes. According to his updates, he consumes about 4,600 – 8,100 calories every day through a healthy protein diet in order to fuel his body and build giant muscles. Some of his regularly consumed food includes oats, egg white, olive oil, low-fat cottage cheese, green vegetables, and chicken breasts. He once revealed in an interview that his favorite food includes red meat, fish, and health-oriented food.

How Much Is He Worth?

Martyn Ford went from someone who lost his first dream due to a disease, to someone who literally built up his second dream. His hard work and dedication gave him the means to amass a net worth estimated at $5 million. It’s no surprise, really; he took all his sadness and depression and channeled it into something massive!

Height and Body Measurements

When your nickname is “The Beast,” then you must have very interesting physical statistics. Martyn Ford stands extremely tall at 6 feet 8 inches (203 centimeters) and weighs a total of 145 kg or 320 lbs. His chest-waist-hip measurement is 52-39-35 and his biceps size is reportedly 22.5 inches.