Who Is Major Johnny Thompson Wife Caroline Thompson? Their Son And Family

Major Johnny Thompson, of the 5th Battalion Royal Regiment of Scotland, found himself in the spotlight on Friday, September 9, when Prime Minister Liz Truss was among the first to visit The King.

According to Daily Mail, the Queen’s most senior bodyguard, Major Thompson, 39, is now serving His Majesty and is frequently shown by his side. The handsome soldier has gained a following of admirers for his dashing good looks as he has been by the king’s side for the past week.

Major was seen escorting Ms. Truss to the Buckingham Palace audience room in a video that has since been widely shared on social networks with heart and love emojis.

Before this, Major Thompson was seen traveling with The King and Camilla, The Queen Consort, posing as The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall, on their tour of Canada in May 2022.

When the equerry participated in the Platinum Jubilee Service of Thanksgiving at St. Paul’s Cathedral in June, Thompson attracted even more royal observers’ attention. He was seated behind Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, and Prince Harry. His online following has been expanding rapidly ever since.

Quick Facts

Full Name Johnathon “Johnny” Thompson 
Age 39
Occupation 5th Battalion Royal Regiment of Scotland
Spouse  Caroline Thompson

Major Johnny Thompson Wife Caroline Thomspon Is A Former Equestrian

The former bodyguard of the queen Major Johnny Thompson is happily married to his wife, c. She has been an equestrian for more than 10 years as of 2022. An equestrian is something related to horse riding.

Per Daily Mail’s reports, Caroline has experience working for companies like Packard Bell and BMW. She enjoys riding horses and is also a gym instructor. Last year, she used her marketing and design abilities to assist in setting up the website for the nonprofit organization Horses4Health.

According to a biography posted on the website last year, Caroline has been riding for almost thirty years and purchased her New Forest horse, “Bonnie,” when she was just a young horse, nearly 16 years ago.

The military wife received her education at Windsor Girls School and the neighboring Strodes College, earning three A levels in media, psychology, and photography. She later made an HND in design communications from Southampton Institute.

Royal Soldier Major Jonathan ‘Johnny’ Thompson Has A Small Family Of Three

Major Thompson married Caroline Thompson in 2010, has a four-year-old kid, and has a small happy family of three members. The couple also adopted two labradors named Odin and Piper as a homage to his military service in Scotland.

The pair has participated in various activities, including horse trials, showjumping, and hacking. However, since Caroline’s kid was born in 2018, they live a slightly less hectic lifestyle.

Caroline worked in marketing for 11 years before getting married to Johnny, while he was a military service member in 2010. This inspired her to switch careers and set out on a path to becoming a personal trainer and fitness referral specialist.

The duo has lived in seven different homes since getting married 12 years ago, including parts of Scotland, Berkshire, Wiltshire, and Surrey with her husband, four-year-old kid, and two dogs, Odin and Piper.

What Is Major Johnny Thompson Net Worth And Salary As The Queens Bodyguard?

Major Johnny Thompson has an estimated salary range of around £20,000 to £50,000, based on the average Royal Salary.

The Royal soldiers of the United Kingdom are expected to earn around £19,720 per year as reported by Indeed.UK. This includes a wide range of military branches and is not always indicative of the typical Queen’s Guard income.

Thompson joined the Army in 2006 and is a platoon commander who has spent the previous two years serving as Charles’ equerry.

Additionally, he attended Aberystwyth University, where he earned a degree in Economics and Politics with a focus on International Studies in 2004.

He listed rugby and mountaineering as his hobbies and interests and was also a member of the undergraduate officer training corps.

Considering his decades of serving the Queen as her most loyal bodyguard, he is bound to have earned a decent sum of income.

Likewise, with his status, he is capable of providing a reputed lifestyle to his wife and family.