Who Is Lee Collinson From America’s Got Talent? Judges Gave His Mom A Pleasant Surprise

Lee Collinson is the rising star of American’s Got Talent as he stole everyone’s hearts at the audition.

The young lad from Britain sang “Better Days” by Dermot Kennedy only to steal everybody’s attention. The AFT judge panel was mesmerized by Lee’s voice while the audience gave him a standing ovation.

Lee’s popularity and fan following have skyrocketed overnight as America is thrilled to welcome him on the AGT stage.

Likewise, his newly found fandom is eager to learn more about him and his career turning up to the web.

Who Is Lee Collinson? America’s Got Talent Contestant Wikipedia

Lee Collinson auditioned for AGT’s 2022 season in May, while the episode has been broadcasted as of June 1.

His audition video has already received thousands of views in a short while, along with positive reviews from the netizens. Moreover, Lee’s audition round has made headlines on News TV USA.

A music enthusiast, the young Lee revealed that he always wanted to sing and make music. Thus, he decided to travel to America and fulfill his dream.

He further revealed that losing his friend in lockdown made him choose “Better Days” as his song for the audition to cope with the pain.

Nevertheless, everyone fell in love with Lee’s voice and personality; thus, he has come forward as one of the most famous contestants this season.

What Is Lee Collinson Age? His Wikipedia

Lee Collinson is currently 21 years old. The young lad was born and raised in Britain and chose to come to America to win AGT 2022.

While his AGT appearance has become a trending talk, this is not his first time singing on TV. In 2020, he auditioned for the singing reality show “Little Mix: The Search” and was even chosen as a finalist, per Capital FM.

The show aimed at finding a fellow band for the girl group Little Mix; hence, they had organized the show to find their partners.

Lee impressed The Little Mix band members and was chosen as a member of a boyband along with Talis Eros, Kaci Brookz, Zeekay, and Adam Harison.

His passion for reaching more heights has made him knock on the doors of AGT, and his recent popularity was inevitable.

Singer Lee Collinson Mother Is From England

Lee Collinson is very close to his mother, Cherie, with whom Facetimed before and after his audition.

As observed in the audition video, Cherie Craze-Barnes is a supportive mother to her young and aspiring singer son. She wished him good luck, and its charm worked on the judges as all four AGT judges said ‘Yes’ to Lee.

Likewise, Lee even introduced his mother to all four judges, who praised Lee’s voice. Meanwhile, judge Simon Cowell played a little joke on Cherie and told her that Lee’s voice was bad.

He quickly corrected himself and approved Lee’s advancement to the competition while Cherie was on the phone.

Although she is not active on the platform, Cherie is available on Instagram under the username @cheriecrazebarnes.

What Does Lee Collinson Do? His Job

The AGT star contestant, Lee Collinson, works his day job as a fencer and not as a ‘sword fighter,’ as corrected by him.

He revealed his passion and dream of being a professional singer to quit his job and start making music wherever he goes. Lee’s wanting to be a professional in the field is clearly visible through his performance.

Thus, a bright musical future awaits him as the audience is waiting for more presentations from him aside from his YouTube videos.