Who Is Lauryn Rush? 10 Facts On Cowboys Quarterback Cooper Rush Wife And Family

Cooper Rush and Wife Lauryn Rush married two years ago. The couple had a daughter Ayla Rush.

Copper is a football player who plays as a quarterback for National Football League for the Dallas Cowboys team.

Before his days in Dallas Cowboys, he used to play College Football at Central Michigan, and He completed his schooling at Lansing Catholic High School, where he became a three-year starter as quarterback for the football team.

He even gave his perfect appearance in other sports such as basketball and Baseball. Rush received and accepted a scholarship offer from Central Michigan University and became a starting quarterback for four years.

Full Name Copper Robert Rush
Profession Footballer
Birth Place Charlotte, Michigan
Date of Birth November 21, 1993
Age 28
Height 6’3″
Weight 102Kg

Who is Coper Rush Wife Lauryn Rush?

Copper is a famous footballer married to his long-term girlfriend, Lauryn Rush.

Lauryn and Copper tied their Knot in 2020; Lauryn Shared her wedding pictures on Father’s Day, the same day they had an anniversary. Both of them looked like Prince and Prince in their wedding photos.

Lauryn is a supportive spouse and mother who has been visible looking at her husband’s games withinside the audience. Both of these couples are blessed with a daughter, Ayla.

Copper’s wife is an Integrative Nutrition Certified who works as a health coach and is also a domestic engineer, which she has mentioned in her bio on her Instagram handle.

She posts photos of her daughter and her husband on Instagram. She never stops showing her husband and child how much she loves her family through her Instagram posts.

Before being married in 2020, Cooper Rush and Lauryn Rush had been dating for some time. Copper and Lauryn went to their friend’s and family members’ weddings together.

They did spend quality time together and were frequently seen traveling to different locations. Lauryn had shared several images with Cooper when they were in the dating period.

Cooper Rush Net Worth

Cooper Rush makes $920,000 annually, not including the signing bonus.

For the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League, the top American football league, Cooper Rush currently plays the position of quarterback.

Year Basic Salary Total Salary
2022 $1,035,000 $1,035,000
2021 $920,000 $920,000
2020 $96,000 $1,02,1000
2020 $72,529 $84,529
2020 $36,000 $40,000
2019 $50,000 $52,000
2018 $645,000 $645,000
2017 $465,000 $70,000
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10 things to know about Cowboys backup QB Cooper Rush

1. An impression of Jason Garrett

They indeed have red hair, both of them. Rush continues to have positive things to say about the Cowboys’ head coach. According to SportsDay’s David Moore, Rush’s colleagues persuaded him to impersonate Garrett.

[Dak] tight end Prescott Rush was under pressure from Jason Witten and others to impersonate Garrett. If the performance didn’t go well, they guaranteed to support him with the head coach.

Rush claimed that the issue was more with the man’s mannerisms than his voice, such as how he held his pen.

2. He was an enormous high schooler

LB Kyler Wilber and linemen are now the only Cowboys taller than Rush, who stands at 6’3″. Rush was already 6-3 when he was a high school student at Lansing Catholic in Michigan. And according to Geoff Kimmerly’s assessment of the quarterback, he was as big as the linebackers and linemen on his team.

“He constantly ribs him. Jim Ahern, the coach at Lansing Catholic, addressed Kimmerly, telling him that he’d be a power tackle if he weren’t there. In a Sports Illustrated article by Brian Hamilton, Rush’s father, Matt, was more direct in his evaluation of his son’s size.

Like a Pillsbury dough boy, sort of. The Rush paunch was on him.

3. Display dramatic flair

A game between Central Michigan and Oklahoma State in September featured one of the craziest and most contentious finishes of the 2016 college football season.

The officials erroneously gave Cooper Rush and the Chippewas a single, untimed offensive play Mason Rudolph, the quarterback for Oklahoma State, was penalized for intentional grounding on a fourth down. With seconds remaining, seemingly handing the Cowboys a 27-24 victory.

4. In all seriousness, theatrical flare

There were other instances of Rush’s “Hail Mary” magic.

Rush threw an NCAA bowl-record seven touchdown passes in the 2014 Bahamas Bowl. Central Michigan was given another last-second, lateral-filled miracle victory over Western Kentucky with a touchdown deficit.

This time, the conclusion wasn’t quite as satisfying. Central Michigan decided to go for the win in a pointless bowl game by attempting a two-point convert. They failed to convert, losing 49–48.

5. Is He The Next Tony Romo?

Rick Gosselin of SportsDay deserves credit for authoring a story in May contrasting Cooper Rush’s potential with that of a young Tony Romo:

“It was time for the Cowboys to find another unfinished Tony Romo, who was signed as an undrafted college free agent in 2003 and spent three years watching and learning how to play quarterback. I find Cooper Rush intriguing because of this.

Quarterbacks who started four years of collegiate football and completed at least 1,300 passes in their career deserve close examination because they have previously experienced everything the collegiate game has to offer. For them, NCAA Saturdays to NFL Sundays is a much smaller step. Cooper Rush meets those criteria.”

6. He Is A Man With A Great Sense Of Humour

Rush’s most valuable commodity is his beautiful mind. 60+ hours of math, statistics, accounting, economics, finance, business law, and computer science classes are required for an actuarial science major at Central Michigan to qualify students as risk assessors.

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Additionally, Rush brought home homework, which Kevin D’Arcy has seen. Senior reserve offensive lineman D’Arcy says, “It’s pretty complicated.” It is mathematics without numbers.

According to Lavalli, a Chippewas player-turned-student assistant, “reads over the chapter two hours before the class, scanned it over between commercials, and walks in there and aces the exam.”

7. Dak Is A Huge Fan Of Cooper Rush

According to David Moore of SportsDay, here is what the Cowboys’ starting quarterback had to say:

“Since Cooper arrived here, He has been one of his biggest supporters. Orlando Scandrick can be contacted. He informed Coop that He was distributing membership forms for his fan club.

“He’s a man that operates flawlessly in the film room. He poses inquiries, takes them, and acts upon them in practice. Pregame focus is evident. He is eager to play.

“[Saturday] as we were talking on the sidelines, he said, ‘He is just ready to go in,’ and as soon as he did, he displayed what he had planned to do.

8. Comparisons To Lofty

Additionally, Jerry Jones has contrasted several characteristics shared by Rush and a few other quarterbacks. Cowboys fans may be familiar with it.

According to Jones, the football players who work the hardest include Cooper Rush, Troy Aikman, Dak Prescott, and Tony Romo [KRLD-FM] on 105.3 The Fan’s G-Bag Nation show. “He doubts your ability to outwork them. Without wanting to go ahead of the discussion, he possesses some very natural qualities that make a strong quarterback.”

9. No way he compared it to the NFL!

Based on the NFL quarterback they likened him to in his draft description on, some fans could have been quite concerned if he saw the field.

His profile states: “He participated in MAC play, not SEC. Some of those throws would have resulted in pick-sixes if he had attempted them against NFL cornerbacks and safeties. He’s a lovely kid and very intelligent, but his arm strength isn’t up to par.”

10. Cooper Rush, the Cowboys’ quarterback, delivers a clutch performance after years of practice

The Cowboys’ backup quarterback had been familiarizing himself with this offensive scheme since 2017, running through the playbook in drills, training camp, and exhibition games. Since Rush has been getting paid by NFL teams for the more significant part of five years, he didn’t anticipate the speed of the NFL game to surprise him like it could a rookie.

However, Rush’s chance on Sunday night was the realization of a dream he never gave up on but couldn’t promise. Rush sat on his couch for the majority of NFL games in October. It’s pretty unique, he remarked.