Who Is Josefa Salinas? Coolio Ex Wife Update 2022

Coolio’s ex-wife Josefa Salinas is a radio broadcaster with more than 30 years of work experience.

Coolio married Josefa in 1996, and they were together until 2000. They first met in 1987 and dated for nearly a decade before they got married. They shared four children in their marriage, three daughters and a son.

Rapper Coolio and his ex-wife Josefa are in the spotlight, as the rapper passed away at a friend’s home in Los Angeles, California. On September 28, 2022, Coolio was found unconscious lying on the bathroom floor.

Josefa and Coolio have been together for only four years after their marriage, but they have the chance to share their lives for more than a decade before the wedding. However, Josefa was a good friend of Coolio until he passed away in 2022.

Fast Facts On Coolio Ex-Wife, Josefa Salinas

Name Josefa Salinas
Age Around 60 years old
Husband Coolio (divorced)
Daughter Artisha, Brandi and Jackie
Son Artis
Profession Media personality, radio broadcaster
Net Worth ~ $1 million

Josefa Salinas, Coolio’s Ex-Wife, Is Around 60 Years Old

Josefa Salinas, the ex-wife of rapper Coolio, is around 60 years old.

However, her ex-husband was born on August 1, 1963, and was 59 years old when he passed away.

Josefa is a media personality and works as a radio broadcaster on several FM radio stations around Central Coast to the Inland Empire. She has described herself as a radio personality, author, speaker, and motivator in her Twitter bio.

The radio host is also known as the “Angel of the Night” due t her experience and powerful voice that was admired by every audience listening to her. She is also involved in charitable causes during her career, which has expanded over more than 30 years. In addition, as a community leader and volunteer, she became an advocate for Latinos, women, and children.

The 59-year-old rapper Coolio passed away probably by a heart attack. Josefa and Coolio were close until his demise, and Josefa was seen promoting Coolio’s music album on her Instagram profile.

Josefa Have Four Children With Coolio: Three Daughters, And One Son

Josefa and Coolio welcomed four children, including three daughters and a son, in their marriage.

Artisha, Brandi, and Jackie are the daughters of Josefa, who were born to rapper Coolio. Likewise, Josefa was also blessed with one son named Artis, who they welcomed along with the daughters.

Artisha Ivey and Jackie Ivey are television personalities best known as Josefa and Coolio’s daughters.

Coolio was highly protective of his family members and used to take care of all. Josefa, alongside Coolio, was part of their large family from 1996 to 2006.

Josefa Salinas Net Worth

Josefa Salinas is a well-known radio personality with an estimated net worth of $1 million, reports Worthy Celebs.

Most of her income is generated as a radio host and broadcaster. She also earns a decent living as an author and motivational speaker. However, she is well known for her powerful voice and won several awards, like “Woman of the Year in Arts and Media” by the Los Angeles County Commission in 2020.

Along with the radio world, she is involved in writing as an author and has published several books throughout her career. Likewise, she is the CEO of Salinas Media and Communications.

Josefa has earned not only wealth, but she kept the name in the country for which future generations will remember her. She actively for women and children as a community leader. Barack Obama also awarded her the President’s Volunteer Service Award, making her even more famous in the country.

More On Josefa And Coolio’s Realtionship

Josefa and Coolio shared the relationship of ex-married partners, who were married in 1996.

However, their union did not last long, and they had to separate their ways in 2000. They dated each other for more than ten years before getting married.

Coolio passed away in 2022, but he was still a good friend of Josefa after their separation. They were seen appreciating each other words on their social media profiles.

Coolio and Josefa also welcomed four children into their union, who are now grown and known for appearing in various television shows. However, Josefa was busy in her own life, contributing her voice to the radio station as a broadcaster and including people through social activities.

Some FAQs

Who is Josefa Salinas’s husband?

Josefa Salinas married her ex-husband Coolio in 1996, but they separated in 2000.

Does Josefa Salinas have any children?

Josefa Salinas has three daughters and a son from her ex-husband Coolio.

How much is Josefa Salinas worth?

Josefa Salinas is estimated to be worth $ 1 million, reports Worthy Celebs.