Who Is Jennifer Wenisch? German IS Woman Jailed For Death Of Yazidi Girl


German IS Woman, Jennifer Wenisch who joined the Islamic State in Iraq was sentenced to ten years in prison for the murder of a Yazidi girl. Let us explore her wiki details and reveal what truly happened.

Jennifer Wenisch is popularly known as a German IS woman from Munich who abused and murdered a Yazidi girl.

In fact, she is a German Muslim convert who joined the Islamic State in Iraq. She is sentenced to ten years in prison for the murder of a Yazidi girl whom she and her husband had acquired as a slave.

Moreover, she was found guilty of a crime against humanity for standing by as her husband left the five-year-old chained outside in the sweltering heat to die of dehydration.

In Frankfurt, Wenisch’s husband, an Iraqi extremist, is also on trial. In 2015, the girl died in Fallujah, Iraq.

The complaint was leveled against Wenisch, 30. Nora, the child’s mother, was an untrustworthy witness, according to her lawyers, and there was no indication the girl had died.

IS had enslaved Nora and the girl, as well as many other Yazidis. The spouse, Taha al-Jumailly, will be sentenced next month.

Jennifer Wenisch Wikipedia Details: Who Is She?

Jennifer Wenisch, 30, is the cruel woman who murdered a Yazidi little girl, and she might have to face life in jail as she is accused of war crimes and murder.

Moreover, she is a German IS who married Iraqi national Taha al-Jumailly after converting to Islam and traveling to Syria to join IS in 2014.

IS morality police hired her in 2015 to patrol the streets of Fallujah and Mosul to ensure adherence to the terrorist group’s dress code and public behavior.

According to German authorities, in Mosul in 2015, Wenisch and her IS husband “bought” a Yazidi lady and her 5-year-old daughter, Rania, as domestic “slaves.”

The plaintiffs’ lawyers claimed in a statement that Rania and her mother were held hostage for nearly six weeks and “subjected to virtually daily beatings which the defendant frequently provoked.”

Jennifer Wenisch German IS Woman Jailed – What Happened?

Jennifer Wenisch is currently jailed as she was found guilty of being a member of a foreign terrorist organization, as well as helping in attempted murder, a war crime, and a crime against humanity.

She advocated the “destruction of the Yazidi faith” and “enslavement of the Yazidi people” as a member of IS, the court decided.

Moreover, she had allegedly threatened to shoot the Yazidi child if she did not stop weeping, according to the judges.

The court has imposed a nine-year term for the murder of a child as a consequence of enslavement, as well as a two-year and six-month penalty for participation in a terror organization. This was turned into a ten-year sentence.