Who Is James McAvoy’s New Wife Lisa Liberati? Meet Her On Instagram

Lisa Liberati is an actress, model, and popular personality who have personally assisted director M. Night Shyamalan in his various movies. 

She is also known for her role in the movie “The Visit.” She has completed her degree at the University of Philadelphia.

She has worked with various Hollywood personalities as an actress and production assistant. Thus, her achievements are second to none.

Who Is James McAvoy New Wife Lisa Liberati?

Lisa Liberati is 44 years old American actress who is a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; born and raised.

She is an American actress who debuted in the movie “Species” in 1995; thus, she started her career in movies at the age of 16.

To enumerate, she has worked as a personal and production assistant to M. Night Shyamalan, where she met her husband, James Macovy, on the set of Split in her hometown.

James is a Scottish actor who is a talented, spectacular, and charming individual who is popular for his role in X-men movies and Split. Similarly, there are other notable works of the actor as well.

On the contrary, the couple had been in a relationship for a long while, which was a surprise to their fans of James. Also, they did not announce their marital bond till 2022, which was after the three years of their wedding.

Lisa Liberati Age And Wikipedia

Lisa Liberati is 44 years old actress born on 1979 March 16 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is initially an American actress who has also dabbled in modeling and assisting in the production of movies.

Additionally, she has acted in the movie “Species,” also she has acted as an assistant to Mr. Shyamalan in the “Devil” and handled the responsibility of the vice president of operations in the movie “The Visit.”

Lisa Liberati Net Worth: How Much Does She Earn?

However, her net worth has not been disclosed, but she does seem to have a good career in the movies and entertainment industry which has garnered her good financial stability.

Furthermore, her husband is a successful actor who has gained fame, money, and notoriety from his artistic endeavors.

Meet Lisa Liberati On Instagram

Lisa Liberati does not seem to have opened up her Instagram account. She had remained private about the marriage and relationship with James.

Regardless, disclosing their relationship has been one of the most searched contents in browsers. Instagram and Twitter seem to be flooded with #lisaliberati.

Consequently, her husband James has an Instagram handle with 4.1 million followers. He also constantly interacts with his followers by posting about his projects and other endeavors.