Who Is James Cummings Texas Game Warden Wife Gina Dejesus? What Happened To Stephanie Eddins?

Who Is James Cummings, Texas game warden, wife? Know about the warden as we dive deep into his personal life.

James Cummings is an American game warden who works for the Texas Game Wardens.

It is an organization that helps in protecting natural resources and beings and provides for safe and managed hunting, fishing, and such activities.

Cummings first gained recognition as a game warden a few years back when he was featured on a TV program that highlighted the wardens.

The viewers actually liked the work the man and his organization are doing.

Not only the work but people also grew fond of James as a person after knowing about his story as a single father of four.

Finding that the man was taking care of his four kids along with working for hours as a warden, many people are curious about his wife.

Who Is James Cummings Texas Game Warden Wife Gina Dejesus?

The Texas Game Warden, James Cummings’s wife is Gina Dejesus but her details are unavailable.

James himself has never really talked about his love life and has barely opened up about his wife.

The source has found out that Cummings was married to Dejesus but there are no details about their relationship and the reason for their separation.

James and Gina are not together.

There is a woman with the same name who was freed from her kidnapping after ten years but it is unclear if she is the reported wife of Cummings.

Regardless, unless the warden himself says something, the details regarding his former partner are vague.

James Cummings Daughters

James Cummings, the game warden, has four daughters and he is taking care of all of them as a single father.

Unfortunately, their identity and other specific details are unknown in the media at the moment.

The warden himself talked about his kids on the show and how he was managing his work alongside his family.

But his children are not tracked by the media sources and thus we are yet to receive any information about them.

What Is James Cummings Net Worth?

Working as a Texas game Warden, James Cummings’s net worth value is expected to be around $100k- $500k.

The average annual salary of game wardens in 2018 was around $57k. Considering that figure in 2022, it might not be more than $70k per year.

With those earnings, it is pretty difficult to accumulate much.

Thus, it is thought that Cummings might have a decent wealth of around a few hundred thousand at maximum.

Nonetheless, there is no official confirmation regarding his exact net worth figure.