Who Is Harry Reid Wife Landra Gould?

Landra Gould and Harry Reid were happily married to each other for more than 5 decades as of now.

She tied the knot with the politician in the year 1959 and since then they had been living happily raising their family and growing old together.

Similarly, they met each other when they were in high school and fell for each other instantly and since then they had not been separated until now.

Moreover, their nuptial bond began dramatically as their family was against them getting together so they eloped when they were in college.

Landra Gould Net Worth Explored

We came to know that the net worth of Landra Gould is currently under the estimation of around $100,000 – $200,000 as of 2021.

It is quite unsure what profession the 80 years old wife of the former senator had been involved in, but she must have made quite good money.

Whereas, the net worth of her husband is estimated to be around $5 million – $ 9 million until now which he garnered from his salary as a senator and a lawyer too.

Moreover, we came to know that both of them are owners of several municipal bonds as wells as blind trusts in Nevada as well as in Arizona too.

Who Are Landra Gould Children?

Landra Gould is extremely lucky to give birth to five children and become a parent with her life partner Harry.

She is a mother to a daughter Lana Reid as well as four other sons Rory, Key, Leif, and Josh Reid and they had been an excellent child to their parents.

Likewise, most of her children had been following the footsteps of their father and had tried their hand on politics being members of certain parties.

Moreover, they seem to gather together during the holidays to spend time with each other and have a good time together as seen per their pictures. 

Meet Landra Gould Family

Landra Gould has been quite silent regarding her family although we are able to extract some information about them.

She was born into a Jewish family and grew up in the Suburb of Las Vegas in Henderson, Nevada, and they were very much against orthodox Christian.

Apparently, her father was a drug specialist by profession whereas there are not many details regarding her mother available online as of now.

Due to the distinction between her fathers ideology, she had to elope with her partner and but it seems he had forgiven her some period later.