Who Is Belinda Fingleton? Is She George Lazenby Girlfriend? 

Belinda Fingleton and George Lazenby are dating one another. Unfortunately, there are not many details explored on how their relationship started in the first place.

Similarly, there are not many updates or info on the pair being together. 

On the other hand, Belinda’s partner, George Lazenby, married Chrissie Townson, a Gannett family member, after a three-year relationship.

Zachary and Melanie were born as a result of their union. Zachary died at the age of 19 after being diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor when he was eleven. Melanie moved to New York to work as a real estate broker.

Lazenby married Pam Shriver, a former tennis player, in 2002. Shriver filed for divorce from Lazenby in August 2008, according to reports.

The couple’s six-year marriage ended due to “irreconcilable issues,” according to documents filed in Los Angeles Superior Court.

Their three children, including twins born in 2005, are the couple’s pride and joy. In May 2011, their divorce was finalized.

What Is Belinda Fingleton Age? Details On Her Wiki Explored

Belinda Fingleton appears to be in her seventies.

On the contrary, George Lazenby is currently 82 years old.

There is not much information on the life of Belinda Fingleton besides the fact that she is in a relationship with George Robert Lazenby.

On the other hand, Belinda’s partner, George Lazenby wasb orn on 5th September 1939. He is a renowned former model and actor from Australia. In On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, he was the second actor to play fictitious British secret agent James Bond in the Eon Productions film series (1969). Lazenby’s time as Bond is the shortest of all the performers in the franchise, having only starred in one film.

Likewise, When Lazenby was recruited to replace original Bond actor Sean Connery, he had only performed in advertisements, having started his professional career as a model.

He declined to reprise his role in later Bond films, preferring to focus on roles in films such as Universal Soldier (1971), Who Saw Her Die? (1972), The Shrine of Ultimate Bliss (1974), The Man from Hong Kong (1975), and The Kentucky Fried Movie (1