Who Is Fernando Titus From FBOY Island? Everything To Know About The Chiropractor

Fernando Titus is a 27 years old Chiropractor and a contestant in the latest season of FBOY Island. Learn more about him in detail below.

Fernando Titus is a Chiropractor based in Los Angeles.

Working in the city of Angels, Titus is connected with many celebrities through his profession.

Further, he is a rookie reality TV personality known for his upcoming appearance on the famous HBO dating show FBOY Island.

Moreover, Fernando appears to have already gained hundreds of admirers and followers due to his incredibly appealing character.

Fernando Titus Age And Height

The age of Fernando Titus is currently 27 years old.

However, the exact date of his birth remains confidential for now.

As his birth month is not available, we don’t have accurate information about his zodiac sign.

Regarding his physical features, Fernando seems to have a tall height of 6 feet 1 inch.

However, exact details regarding his height and body type are still unknown.

Fernando Titus Job And Net Worth

Fernando Titus is a Chiropractor by profession and has made many connections from his job.

His work as a Chiropractor utilizes his hands to assist in relieving the problems with the bones, muscles, and joints.

Furthermore, he has received a lot of positive feedback for his work.

Titus has been doing great in every field, and now he is looking forward to being equally excellent in this new reality show.

Similarly, as per Fernando Titus’ current net worth, there is no information available on the web for now.

Fernando Titus Nationality & Instagram

Fernando Titus is originally an American Citizen, born and raised in America.

He currently lives in the city of Los Angeles, California.

Similarly, we have been unable to locate Fernando Titus on Instagram.

It suggests that he either has a different name or is not involved with social media.

We will update the data after we receive any details on his Instagram account.