Who Is Edward Brennan?

Edward Brenna is the son’s name who has been accused of the racial attack. 

Bitsy Brennan, his mother, is a financial services employee at UBS. She’s presently in the headlines for allegedly attacking a black man while in the company of Edward. She graduated from the University of Alabama, according to her Facebook page.

Nothing particular is known at this time; however, we will contact you as soon as possible with further information on them.

Edward Brenna: Mother Son Assault Video On Twitter – Are They Arrested?

The arrest details for Edward Brenna and his mother Bitsy Brennan have not been released, but a police complaint has been made and charges are being brought against them.

Johnny Martinez accused the mother and son of a racial attack on Saturday, November 27.

Martinez claims he was approached by the couple near the elevator while completing a normal parking check for his work at the apartment in Nashville at about 8 p.m. on Saturday. They came to a complete halt and asked him, ‘How did he manage to get in there?’

Martinez stated he was only doing his job, but they insisted on seeing his ID, prompting him to take out his camera and start filming. However, the film’s recording has gone viral on social media, maligning the mother and son’s names.

Further, Martinez also indicated that he had filed a police report against them and that he intended to bring charges against them.

The whole story about the event may be found here.

Even though the mother has rejected all of these allegations, we can watch the footage that has been posted online to clarify things up. The sight of such behavior coming from a well-educated family disgusts many people.