Who Is David Pearce? His Age And Bio Explore

David Pearce is a resident of Beverly Hills and living in the West Olympic Blvd.

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His age is 37 years old and has been convicted of the murder of CHristy Giles.

There isn’t much information about David Pearce on the web. Besides, his age and name, nothing much is known about him. He is also not available on Wikipedia.

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David Pearce: Christy Gill Murder Suspect Arrested

David Pearce is the suspect in the mysterious murder case of Christy Giles. Pearce, along with Brandt Osborn and Michael Ansbach has been arrested in connection to Gile’s murder.

Pearce has been charged with manslaughter whereas the other two are charged with accessory manslaughter. They have been held on bail with Osbourn and Ansbach on a $100,000 bail, and Pearce on a $1 million bail.

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Christy and her friend, Hilda’s last location traced to Pearce’s apartment in West Olympic Blvd. However, without enough evidence police were reluctant to arrest Pearce. 

After investigating, they found Pearce the main man behind the murder of the two women and finally solved the mysterious murder case.

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